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Bar Daniel at the Austrian-Italian border (Landeck – Merano)

Bar Daniel is an institution many know and love, and even more have seen. Situated right at the Italian-Austrian border, on the route from Landeck via Reschen to Merano, Bar Daniel sits at a popular road. With extensive opening hours, the Ristorante Pizzeria is an elevated option of a rest stop.

Enjoy your road trip break at Bar Daniel

What makes Bar Daniel a beloved pit stop for many years, is the ideal proximity. A final rest stop before descending via Reschen to the rowing hills of apple plantations in sunny South Tyrol and Merano. Depending on traffic, it’s only a mere 1.5 hour journey until you reach the lovely picturesque spa town on the banks of river Etsch, or less than 2 hours till Bolzano.

Definitely take this tip not for granted, there aren’t many more rest stops on this countryside route from the border till Merano. Better fuel yourself up here, or happily await your arrival to Merano to go grocery shopping again. On a recent journey I had the luck of passing only closed shops..

That’s why Bar Daniel at the Austrian-Italian border is such a beloved pit stop! Heading south, it’s the first place you can enjoy authentic and delicious real-Italian Espresso or Cappuccino. Oh, and the Italian cornetti. Heavenly! Unfortunately I was never able to sample them, only indulged in a second Italian breakfast, but they also offer Pizza and other full meals. If you are hungry, they are also your place to go!

If you are a paying guest, usage of the restrooms is free, otherwise you have to pay a little fee per person to use them. They are clean and hence a definite recommendation. Bar Daniel also offers free WiFi, ideal to enhance your rest stop. The password is visible when ordering at the counter!

Ristorante Pizzeria Bar Daniel
Address: Via Nazionale, 51, 39027 Curon Venosta BZ, Italy
Opening hours: 9 am – 10 pm, closed on Wednesdays

Bar Daniel Reschen Pass
Bathroom Toilette Bar Daniel Reschen Pass
Bathrooms at Bar Daniel – free for guests, otherwise 1 Euro pP

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