Worldwide Train Travel Reviews

In an attempt to travel more sustainable, with less CO2-emissions, train travel is a crucial form of transportation. Besides walking, of course. Below you will not only find a map of some of the train rides I have already written about (more to come!), you will also find some guides on train travel (such as how to find the cheapest fares or recommended smartphone apps for train travel per country) or how orientation tips at the train station (some station layouts are simply… confusing, baffling,… !)

This is not only an overview of my past rail travel reviews, but also to give you all information needed to enjoy a seamless train travel experience. If you have any further questions or require more information, please don’t hesitate and submit an anonymous blog post request.

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Train Travel Guide – Train Trip Report overview

If you don’t like maps, or it’s a tad too confusing, no worries, below I have sorted all relevant blogposts per country. You want to travel within Italy, great, head to the “Italy Tab”. However, you want to travel crossing (several) borders or are interested in experiences with InterRail Pass? Check out both country-Tabs, or the general Europe Tab at the end. More to follow!

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                                            <a href="">Train travel in Austria</a>
                <p><strong>Train Travel in Austria</strong></p><ul><li>Bregenz to Innsbruck <a href="" rel="bookmark">Travelling in ÖBB RailJet 2nd class economy in Austria from Bregenz to Innsbruck (Vorarlberg to Tyrol)</a></li></ul><p><strong>Train Travel to Austria</strong></p><ul><li>Lindau to Bregenz / Feldkirch <a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking an ÖBB REX Train from Lindau to Bregenz (from Germany to Austria)</a></li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in Belgium</a>
                <p><strong>Train travel in Belgium</strong></p><ul><li>#</li></ul><p><strong>Train travel to Belgium</strong></p><ul><li>Train from Frankfurt to Belgium (ICE)</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in France</a>
                <p><strong>Train Travel in France</strong></p><ul><li>Nice to Aix-en-Provence <a href="" rel="bookmark">TGV 2nd Class Review – Nice to Aix-en-Provence</a></li><li>Aix en Provence to Nice (TGV 1st class)</li><li>Nice to Monaco (Monte Carlo) <a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking the Train from Nice to Monaco (price, timetable etc)</a></li></ul><p><strong>Train Travel to France</strong></p><ul><li>Stuttgart to Paris</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in Germany</a>
                <p><strong>Train Travel in Germany</strong></p><ul><li>Allgäu (Bavaria) <a href="" rel="bookmark">Cheap Train Travel in Bavaria (Allgäu)</a></li><li>Munich to Berlin (ICE)</li><li>Lindau at Lake Constance to Augsburg <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">DB Regio Bayern Train from Lindau to Augsburg</a></li><li>Fast Train from Lindau at Lake Constance to Munich <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">SBB EuroCity Train from Lindau to Munich in 2nd class</a></li><li>Regional ALEX Train form Munich to Lindau Hafen</li><li>ICE from Munich to Leipzig</li><li>IC from Leipzig to Dresden</li><li>Regional S-Bahn Train from Dresden to Meissen</li><li>How to travel from Dresden to Brehna Outlet</li><li>Regional Train to Basel from Ulm via Friedrichshafen</li><li>ICE from Basel Bad to Frankfurt Airport</li><li>ICE from Frankfurt via Montabaur to Cologne</li><li>How to travel from Cologne to Montabaur Outlet</li><li>Regional Train from Hamburg to Hanover</li><li>Regional Train from Hamburg to Bremen</li><li>Regional Train from Bremen to Bremerhaven</li><li>Regional Train from Hamburg to Soltau</li><li>ICE Train from Hanover to Wolfsburg (Hamburg to Berlin Route)</li><li>Regional Train from Wolfsburg to Hanover via Braunschweig</li><li>Friedrichshafen &amp; Konstanz to Überlingen for Landesgartenschau (Regional Garden Show at Lake Constance in 2021</li></ul><p><strong>Train Travel to Germany</strong></p><ul><li>Taking a Train and Ferry from Zurich Airport to Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance &#8211; Trip Report</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in Italy</a>
                <p><strong>Train travel in Italy</strong></p><ul><li>Bologna to Florence</li><li>Bologna to Rimini / Riccione <a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking a Train to Rimini / Riccione in Emilia-Romagna</a></li><li>Florence to Pontedera</li><li>Florence to Pisa</li><li>Milano to Venezia <a href="" rel="bookmark">Frecciabianca Train to Venice, from Milan</a></li><li>Milan to Bergamo</li><li>Milan to Monza</li><li>Rimini / Riccione to Cattolica &#8211; Gabicce Mare <a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking the Train to Cattolica / Gabicce Mare from Rimini / Riccione</a></li><li>Naples to Rome <a href="" rel="bookmark">italo Train from Naples to Rome in Italy</a></li><li>fast train travel from Milan to Como at Lake Como</li></ul><p><strong>Train travel to Italy</strong></p><ul><li>Innsbruck (Austria) to Brixen (South Tyrol) <a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking a Train from Innsbruck to Brixen in South Tyrol (ÖBB EuroCity)</a></li><li>Zurich (Switzerland) to Milan <a href="" rel="bookmark">Frecciargento Train to Milan, from Zurich</a> (this route is about to get a lot faster, soon!)</li><li>Night Train Munich to Rome</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in Liechtenstein</a>
                <p><strong>Train Travel in and to Liechtenstein</strong>

As there is yet no single train station in Liechtenstein, for now just the possibilities on how to travel by bus to Liechtenstein and how to travel by Bus within Liechtenstein. More to come once the plans regarding travel by train within the country have been realized!

                                            <a href="">Train travel in Switzerland</a>
                <p><strong>Train Travel in Switzerland</strong></p><ul><li>Romanshorn to Zurich</li><li>Romanshorn to St. Gallen</li><li>Zurich to Lugano <a href="" rel="bookmark">SBB Review: EuroCity Train from Zurich to Lugano in 2nd class</a></li><li>Zurich to Geneve / Geneva</li><li>Montreux to Geneve / Geneva</li><li>Zurich to Landquart</li><li>Landquart to Davos with Raethische Bahn &amp; Rail replacement service experience report</li><li>Davos to Landquart</li><li>Zurich to Maienfeld (to visit Heidi / Heiddorf)</li></ul><p><strong>Train Travel to Switzerland</strong></p><ul><li>Baden-Baden to Zurich (Airport)<br />#</li><li>Ulm/Friedrichshafen (Germany) to Basel<br />#</li><li>Singen (Germany) to Zurich<br />#</li><li>not a train, but: FlixBus from Munich, Friedrichshafen, Meersburg and Konstanz to Zurich</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in Spain</a>
                <p><strong>Train travel in Spain</strong></p><ul><li>Malaga City to Malaga Airport</li></ul><p><strong>Train travel to Spain</strong></p><ul><li>Zurich to Barcelona overnight sleeper train</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">Train travel in the UK</a>
                <p><strong>Train travel in the UK</strong></p><ul><li><a href="" rel="bookmark">Taking a Northern Train from Manchester to Liverpool</a></li></ul><p><strong>Train Travel to the United Kingdom</strong></p><ul><li>Brussels to London with Eurostar in first class</li><li>Paris to London</li></ul>
                                            <a href="">EUROPE Train Travel & InterRail Pass travel</a>
                <p>more soon!