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When did you start this Blog

I have published my first blogpost here on JoyDellaVita in 2015, during a RailTrip across Italy. I published the first blogpost laying in my hotel room bed in Milan, while watching the Eurovision song contest 😉

I was born in the early 1990’s, therefore I’m still in my 20’s 🙂


It definitely depends on how long I’m traveling, and where to. For example, if I’m traveling through different seasonal zones (current temperatures in one are way colder, than in the other – for example beach and snowy mountains) I’m definitely checking my bag in as I simply have to take a varied attire with me – alone a warm winter coat fills up half a bag! 
However, usually I try to travel as light as possible, so usually, it’s hand luggage only for me.

This, too, definitely depends on where I am going. It’s simply impossible to visit Africa, the Americas or Oceana by Train, but within a continent my preferred choice would definitely be: Train. Overnight trains are super popular in Europe, those are a great option, too! (* to avoid a flight)


I’m a huge fan of Vaude. And this is definitely not influenced by the fact that I’m living literally 12 km off their HQ, I have simply known this brand all of my life, but haven’t made a purchase of their brand until I was 26 years old. And, since then, I love them. They focus on a full sustainable circle. CO2 neutral website, sustainable fabrics (hemp for example) and fair working conditions.

What a pity, but no, until now I have only co2-compensated my long-distance bus rides, no flights, so far!

Our planet is facing a climate crisis, and we are just at the tripping point, if we can slow it down, or if your life style will change drastically within the upcoming years and decades. Therefore, a sustainable way of living is necessary. Thus, sustainable travel!


For overnight or two-night stays I’m currently using the 26 – 33 L AEVOR Trip Pack in Proof Black (however, I was debating if the WANDRD PRVKE in 31 L will suit my needs the best but have settled with the cheaper AEVOR), for trips of ~ 1 week I prefer my trusty Osprey Farpoint 40 with 38 L.
For day trips I usually use a 16L Fjällräven Kånken.

Some years ago I started using Travel Cubes and I honestly can’t imagine travelling without them anymore. Especially when travelling to multiple destinations during one Trip, packing cubes come very handy as you don’t have to unpack your whole suitcase when arriving to the new destination, you simply have to take one packing cube out of your bag (if you packed wisely) to access the items of clothing you need. Read here: How I organize my packing cubes for multiple destination travels
So, regarding Travel cubes, a definite YES from my side!

This is a tough question. As temperatures vary from summer to winter a lot, depending on the destination, there is no such thing as a “best year-round travel shoe”. However, I prefer Converse Chucks as they are comfortable, durable and use almost no space in your bag or suitcase. In the meantime they are available in different styles and materials, making them perfect to wear from summer to winter. However, for summer I’d recommend sandals like TEVA in a discreete colour so they can work from day to night.


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