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Breakfast at McDonald’s Spain (Palma Airport)

by european travelblogger Lisa


Starting your Day by having Breakfast at McDonald’s? Why not, it’s delicious! Before leaving Majorca I had Breakfast at Mc Donald’s Spain at Palma Airport and besides that, it was basically on my way it was rather cheap and my selection was all very good and even healthy. Taking advantage of the self-service counters I ordered my Breakfast Menu on my own, paid with credit card, and picked everything up from a separate counter.

The Spanish McDonald’s McBreakfast selection offers something for everyone, and even some healthier options from the available Sides. As I ordered by myself I had a little time to decide what to get. I went for a McMuffin and Café con Leche Menu, for 3,35€, an Orange Juice for 0,80€, a Croissant for 1,60€ and greek yoghurt with some red berries for 1,35€. So for a total of 7,10€, I had a strikingly sufficient breakfast. And all on my way after passing security control on the walk to the very last C Gate at Palma Airport. The McMuffin Bacon Y Huevo tasted as good as it tastes everywhere, but for real, it was fresh and hot and delicious, the Croissant tasted a little older but still okay, the coffee was as well good and energizing and the Yogur Griego con Frutas / Greek Yoghurt with red Fruit was a little highlight. Tasty Yoghurt and freshly frozen fruit, for a little over 1€ by McDonald’s in Spain, fantastic.
Even though I don’t like the Burgers at McDonald’s very much and in general highly avoid this Place, their Breakfast is recommendable when you’re hungry and have no other choice.

Address McDonald’s Airport Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca
Local 4, Planta +2 Ampliacion C
07611 Palma de Mallorca

McMuffin Bacon Y Huevo / McMuffin with Bacon and Egg

McMuffin Bacon Y Huevo / McMuffin with Bacon and Egg

Yogur Griego con Frutas / Greek Yoghurt with red Fruit

Yogur Griego con Frutas / Greek Yoghurt with red Fruit

Mcdonalds Spain Croissant


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