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Climate resources – Job Boards, Newsletters, Blogs, Podcasts and more

This Google Spreadsheet has to be among the most extensive Climate resources out there. “So you want to work in Climate” has been the initial project name for this. Now it features dozens of examples for Communities, Job Boards, Newsletters, how to Volunteer, Blogs, Podcasts about Climate, Books and more.
Artist and Newsletter publisher Nicole Kelner shared a link to this Doc in December via her Twitter Account, according to her Newsletter on Substrack. The aim was to collect a few resources, for anyone who wants to either pursue a career in Climate, or want to learn more about Climate Change and Climate awareness. This Climate Resources Spreadsheet has quickly grown into an extensive database.
From Job Board Platforms, to Newsletters, Blogs, Books, Podcasts and how to Volunteer. But, the spreadsheet is not finished yet. It’s kind of an open source project, anyone can request writing access and add new links and insights. An ever evolving source of information. I definitely want to recommend this climate resources spreadsheet to you. Make sure to forward this blogpost to friends and colleagues, if they are eager to either educate themselves or pursue a new Job in Climate.

Check out the spreadsheet here:

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