Discount Code during Primavera Sound for Cabify (Spanish UBER) in Barcelona

by Lisa
Cabify Barcelona -

Is there UBER in Barcelona, in Spain? No, there isn’t, but there is something similar available. Cabify is, so said, the Spanish UBER, of course, available in Barcelona. During my visit to Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, I got to know Cabify, as they had a promotion stand close to the Flatstock exhibition market. Playing BeerPong (without Beer) got you a bag or, for girls so convenient, a hand-held fan. Besides these nice goodies, we also received something super nice, a Discount Code for Cabify, the Spanish UBER, in Barcelona to use during Primavera Sound .
The Cabify App works similar to UBER (you order private chauffeurs via a smartphone app, and pay them directly via the App), and is available for both Android and iOS Phones. Download the App (there is free WiFi available at Primavera Sound at various locations, such as at the Coca-Cola booth near the Cabify booth) and use the Code PRIMAVERA4 for a 6€ discount on your first ride with Cabify.
Personally, I haven’t had a chance to try out Cabify but will definitely do in the future. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Cabify Discount Code for a 6€ reduction – PRIMAVERA4

Cabify Discount Code Barcelona Primavera Sound
Cabify Discount Code for a 6€ reduction – PRIMAVERA4

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