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Discover Meissen’s history at the Meissen City Museum

For a detailed impression of the Saxon city of Meissen, a visit to the City Museum is more than suggested. The Meissen City Museum is located on several floors in the former Franciscan monastery church. With an entrance fee of only 3 euros per person, you really can’t say no here – and you really shouldn’t! On the ground floor, visitors can learn about the city’s various associations in the current special exhibition „In Freud und Leid zu jeder Zeit“ (“In Joy and Sorrow at all Times”) – Meissen Associations between 1735 and 1945. Before the internet and television, it is hard to believe nowadays (😉), people met in clubs and at regulars’ tables (Stammtisch). Whether it was a music club or a regular meeting for unmarried businessmen, everyone found a suitable club. For games, fun, entertainment and certainly a beer or two. Of course, these associations had a strong influence on the townscape, as they were one of the few opportunities for diversion and recreation from work.

However, the city museum in Meissen is not exclusively about the associations that still shape the city, but of course also about the millennia-long history of the city and region. Thousands of years old excavations, historically and visually outstanding works of art as well as delightful anecdotes. In 1773, for example, a transport service was launched, the “Rats-Chaise” (Sedan Chair), a convenient mean of transport in Meissen. It was discontinued after about 50 years after it was realistically no longer used, and the vehicles would otherwise have had to be replaced due to wear and tear. A highlight of the Meissen City Museum is the adjoining cloister, with old gravestones.
If you are interested, you can read more about the building, the Franciscan monastery in Meissen, in this document from the city of Saxony.

Address Meissen City Museum: Heinrichsplatz 3, 01662 Meissen, Germany
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Special exhibition “In joy and sorrow at all times” – Meissen associations between 1735 and 1945 until 1 November 2020.
Admission: 3 euros

Pictures of my visit to the Meissen City Museum, in May 2020

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-01

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-02

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-03

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-04

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-05

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old Meissen Porcelain Logos dating back to the early 18th century
old Meissen Porcelain Logos, dating back to the early 18th century

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Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-11

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-12

Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita-13

Albrechtsburg Meissen City Museum Blog JoyDellaVita

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