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DIY: adding a strap to a reusable mask to wear as a chain between usage

by european travelblogger Lisa


An easy way to put masks away, with just a quick DIY with no more than a sunglasses strap and a reusable cloth mask. If you initially only used nose and mouth masks to enter one supermarket before you quickly vanished again without further detours into domestic self-quarantine, this has now changed. You go on shopping tours into the city centre again, from one shop and café to the next. Or even on vacation: if you are near other people, you put on the protection, once you are alone or among your group of people you can remove the mask again. But always the question of where to put the mask, in between, if the removal is each only for a short period.

Touching the mask with dirty hands should be avoided as much as possible, and if so, then only on the outside, never on the side facing the face! The DIY below is perfect here. This way you can let the nose and mouth cover hang on your chest from time to time before you only touch the ribbons for the ears again and put the mask back on. No crumpling up the mask in a jacket or trouser pocket, especially no disappearing of the mask in a confusing and not hygienic (hand) bag, just let it dangle directly in front of you on your chest.

DIY: Chain for nose and mouth masks made from a (sun)glasses strap

My stock of eyeglass straps has not expanded since the 1990s, and so my stock eyeglass straps were stuck in fashion in the 90s. In the meantime, there are top-fashionable glasses straps made of gold chains or even pearls or with other noble patterns and materials. But, also because of sustainability, you can also create something very nice with things that are already there. In this case, old sunglasses straps as a holder for textile nose-mouth masks.

What you each need:

  • reusable mask
  • Glasses strap or glasses chain
  • if necessary a piece of wool/yarn or small snap hooks (linked below)

chain reusable mask do it yourself blog joydellavita
That’s how it works:

The instructions for this DIY are almost obsolete. The fastening option is always slightly different depending on the type of strap or band you are using. If it is a classic goggle strap with two adjustable ends, you can pull the strap through a loop to attach it to a strap of the mask, on the other side you have to pull part of the masks ear-strap through the goggle strap and close it completely. The second step is very practical if you have a smaller face and the reusable mask is too big anyway, so you can shorten it/pull it closer to the face quickly and easily.

If clamping the mask ear strap to your glasses strap doesn’t work, I have linked small “clips” below, which you can use for the glasses strap as well as for the ear-strap of the mask. Alternatively, you can also connect both straps with a double knot made from a piece of (tear-resistant) wool. Depending on what is quicker and easier for you.

adding an old sunglasses strap to a reusable mask, to comfortably wear it on your upper body in between usage

adding an old sunglasses strap to a reusable mask, to comfortably wear it on your upper body in between usage

When attaching the chain or strap to put on the mask, however, keep in mind that the nose and mouth cover must be washed/cleaned at least after each day of wearing, so the strap should not (depending on the material) be constantly connected to the mask. It wouldn’t matter with a disposable mask, because you can then simply cut it off the chain strap and throw it away.



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