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Dutch Pancake at Café Brasserie Meuwese

Amsterdam, a city known for its rich culinary heritage, often surprises with delightful dining discoveries while wandering its charming streets. On a recent stroll through the heart of Amsterdam, we stumbled upon Café Brasserie Meuwese, where our craving for sweet, authentic Dutch pancakes was beautifully satiated. Nestled amidst the bustling city centre, Café Brasserie Meuwese boasts a lovely outside seating area that beckoned us for a memorable lunch experience.

A Dutch Pancake Haven in the Heart of Amsterdam

Café Brasserie Meuwese welcomes customers from 10 am to 9 pm, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a delectable lunch or afternoon pick-me-up. Operating from Wednesday to Sunday, it offers a perfect respite during sightseeing excursions or leisurely city explorations.

One aspect to note is that while there was ample service staff outside, it occasionally took a bit of patience to get their attention. Nevertheless, after successfully placing our order, we were promptly served our hot beverages, which included illy coffee and cappuccino, each accompanied by a delightful chocolate treat on the side.

Indulging in Authentic Dutch Flavors

The true highlight of our visit was, of course, the much-anticipated Dutch pancakes. We opted for the Appel-kaneel Pannenkoeken, priced at 12.50€, a single apple and cinnamon pancake. It arrived piping hot and generously topped with a plastic-packaged portion of butter, alongside syrup and powdered sugar. To our delight, we were also provided with two sets of cutleries, allowing us to enjoy this culinary delight in the heart of Amsterdam simultaneously.

As we savoured our pancake, the flavours danced on our taste buds. The apples were soft and sweet, complementing the slightly spiced notes of cinnamon perfectly. The three options for pancake toppings – butter, syrup, and powdered sugar – provided a delightful contrast of textures and flavours, allowing us to customize each bite to our liking.

While the pancake itself was a treat, it’s worth noting that the service could have been a tad more attentive. Nonetheless, the charming location, coupled with the view, made up for any minor service lapses. The outside seating area provided an excellent vantage point for people-watching and offered a serene setting to relax amidst a busy day of sightseeing.

A Recommended Café Brasserie in Amsterdam

Café Brasserie Meuwese in Amsterdam is a hidden gem for those in search of authentic Dutch pancakes. With a menu catering to breakfast and lunch enthusiasts, this café is a haven for anyone looking to indulge in the iconic flavours of Dutch cuisine. From its delightful Dutch pancakes to a wide range of breakfast options, including fresh orange juice and a choice of coffee or tea, Café Brasserie Meuwese delivers a satisfying and memorable dining experience. For those seeking a true taste of Amsterdam, this café is an absolute must-visit. Whether you’re a local or a traveller, it’s a charming spot that embodies the essence of Dutch culinary tradition. Make sure to check out all Amsterdam Restaurant Reviews.

Café Brasserie Meuwese
Address: Rokin 119 121, 1012 KP Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 10:00–21:00, closed Mondays & Tuesdays
Social Media: Instagram @brasseriemeuwese

Dutch Apple Pancake
Dutch Apple Pancake

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