How much is Fashion Influencer Xenia Adonts monthly salary?

Xenia Adonts is a social media influencer and CEO of her own clothing company, Attire. The former Hamburg-based finance-student definitely knows more than just a few basics about money and finance. But does this knowledge help her accumulating wealth? Or does her luxurious spending habit come in the way of building a strong financial foundation? In a not so recently published video she talks about how she, and her partner in life and business, make money. A the beginning of the Video Xenia Adonts clearly states “I love money” and this is definitely not something to be held against her.

How much money does Xenia Adonts earn in a month?

As she and her BF Jürgen explain in the video, which has been posted by herself on her own YouTube Channel, is her monthly salary at 8000 Euros. This is to finance her “private life”, as most of her travels are business travels those are business expenses and paid for by either other companies, or her own company. Another big part of her earnings, through social media and cooperations with other brands, is directly flowing into her own clothing label, Attire. High priced but sustainable and very high quality clothing pieces for woman. Skirts, Trenchcoats, jumpers and more, all fabricated within the EU. One of the main quotes of Xenias Video “My monthly salary and how I manage my money” is: Earn to share. Earn to be a better, enhanced you. But also, dream to earn.
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What do you think, are you interested in this kind of information, the “business side” of blogging and being an influencer? Or is this kind of information, like someone earning 8k a month just for posting pictures and videos of yourself on the internet, too much, as it is only entertainment and does not contribute to society? Let me know in the comments below!

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