Flying SWISS Business Class to Zurich from Hanover in an Avro RJ100

Flying Business Class is always something special, and so was my Business Class flight with SWISS from Hanover to Zurich. As a ‘Frequent Flyer’ with more than 100 Flights in 2014, I’ve already experienced a lot. Troubles, failed landings due to bad weather, super friendly stewardesses, and quite unfriendly ones. So, every time I’m flying with a new airline I’m curious. How is it to fly with Swiss International Air Lines? How is the Service and how is the Food served by SWISS?

My Experience of “Flying SWISS Business Class to Zurich” started already before I arrived at the Airport in Hanover. It started with the Online Check-In that is available 23 hours before departure. I’ve done it online from a Computer to print my ticket out immediately after choosing my seat. It would have also been possible to send the ticket to my smartphone, via e-mail or SMS, but I rather prefer to have my ticket in my hand than have it on my phone as a battery can always be empty so I really prefer to have it save in my hands. Just in case you are unsure about your selected seat you can still change your seat from your smartphone, via the SWISS App, if you want to find a “better seat”.

The Security Control at the Airport in Hanover wasn’t pleasant at all, I just dislike it when security staff despise that I (a young female) am traveling business. Anyway, that’s not a fault of SWISS and as I was traveling in Business Class, and as SWISS is part of the “Star Alliance” together with Lufthansa, I was able to enter the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at Hanover Airport, for free of course. There you find some cold, warm, and alcoholic drinks, some snacks, and definitely clean bathrooms as well as some Lounge Chairs and free Wi-Fi. Perfect conditions to rest a little before boarding your plane, especially if you have loads of time to kill.

When Boarding at the Gate finally started I was able to board the plane first, I was the very first passenger on the plane – so cool – as I was privileged to do so thanks to my SWISS Business Class Ticket. As I don’t like to sit in the very first row, where you are usually not allowed to have any hand luggage with you, I was sitting on 2F. Second row, seat at the window. Besides me there was just another Man in Business Class so we could totally enjoy the full attention of the SWISS Business Class Stewardess. First, we chose something to drink from the menu and seconds later my dinner was served with warm bread. Afterwards, the other man ordered a glass of red wine, and as he seemed to like it that much the stewardess even gave him a full bottle, for free. How unbelievably nice is this!? For me, she had two, instead of one, small SWISS chocolate bars.

After landing in Zurich the great Business Class Experience was not yet to end, and until now I’ve never experienced something like this. As the Plane landed and parked in an outer position we had to take a bus to the Terminal. But, there was a separate Bus, a smaller one, for the SWISS Business Class Guests only – how cool! This way I definitely landed in style in Switzerland.

Have you ever flown with SWISS, or SWISS Business Class, before?

Pictures of my SWISS Business Class Flight from Hanover Germany to Zurich Switzerland

SWISS Business Class Meal
SWISS Business Class Meal
Business Class Transfer to the Airport - ZRH Zurich Kloten
Business Class Transfer to the Airport – ZRH Zurich Kloten
"Thank your for flying SWISS"-chocolate
“Thank you for flying SWISS”-Chocolate

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