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Free WiFi in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Having access to free WiFi Networks is mandatory on Travels. Especially if you are in another Country and want to avoid these still (way too) high roaming costs for mobile data. When I went to St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland I’ve been always scanning Cafés, Restaurants and public places for a “Free WiFi” or “Public WiFi” sign. And, of course, I found a few that I listed below.

Free St. Gallen Wireless WiFi

As a project the Stadtwerke St. Gallen (municipal utilities) offer free WiFi to everyone at several places and areas in the City. The network is called “St. Gallen Wireless” and even though I first had some problems accessing it (the page to confirm everything was just not loading) it finally worked after a few tries and minutes and whenever I entered a new area with St. Gallen Wireless it automatically connected to it. It’s absolutely free to use, even though it felt like it wasn’t that fast, but it was good enough to upload Pictures to Instagram and to do some Google-ing on deciding where to go next.

Free St. Gallen Wireless WiFi
On the bottom left: sign for Free St. Gallen Wireless WiFi

Free WiFi at Starbucks

What’s a great service, and I think they have it worldwide, is the free WiFi at Starbucks. In total there are 3 in St. Gallen, in the City (Marktgasse 9), at the Train Station (Bahnhofplatz 2) and at the Shopping Arena in St.Gallen (Zürcher Str. 464). There you can enjoy some Internet over a Cappuccino or a Double-Chocolate Muffin. Even though Starbucks is quite pricey it’s up to you if you rather want to enjoy your Coffee at a local and individually owned Café (sometimes they have free WiFi as well, but often not) or (a more expensive) one at Starbucks, with WiFi. Or just buy there a bottle of water, but please don’t hang around without buying anything at all and just occupying space for paying customers.

SBB WiFi at St. Gallen Railway station

SBB WiFi St. Gallen Railway station

What I just (luckily) discovered earlier this year is that there is free SBB WiFi at every (at least every bigger) railway station in Switzerland. Sometimes the only thing you need is to select the WiFi Network and hit “enter”, and sometimes you need to type your mobile phone number (no matter where your Sim Card/Phone Number is from) in to receive a Pin Code. But all can be done within seconds if you have a working network service, and you can immediately start surfing, checking emails or if your Trains are on time, updating your Social Media and so on.

Do you know any more free WiFi in St. Gallen? Comment them below and I’ll add them to the List!

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