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Travel cheaply in Germany this summer with 9 Euro Ticket

This summer you can travel cheaply in Germany, thanks to the newly launched 9 Euro ticket. This ticket enables everyone, local or tourist, to travel all over Germany for a monthly price of just 9 Euro. Usually a day ticket for just one city costs equally… and thanks to this nationwide promotion every ticket holder is able to travel everywhere, for a whole month, with the fabulous 9 Euro ticket.

How and where to buy 9 Euro Ticket

9 Euro ticket is available all over Germany, almost everywhere where regular tickets are sold. In detail, you can buy your nation-wide ticket here: online via or mobile via DB Navigator smartphone app. It is also available from DB Reisezentrum (travel centre) staff, at a DB agency and ticket machines at stations. It is also sold directly at bus drivers, or at ticket machines of inner-city trains/trams such as S-Bahn stations. Click here to buy the ticket online:

9 Euro Ticket is available in the months of June, July and August. You will need to buy a separate ticket for each month, so 3 x 9 = 21 Euro in total for three months of regional travel all over Germany. Thats a deal!

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Where 9 Euro ticket is valid for trains in Germany

Generally, the 9 Euro ticket is valid for all regional trains operated by DB Regio by Deutsche Bahn. All fast trains are excluded! The fast trains are IC and ICE, the usually white train carriages – don’t use them!! You are eligible to use the following types of trains: IRE, RB, RE, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus and tram. Those DB Regio regional trains are usually red in color and travel slower and with more frequent stops, as well as inner-city busses and trams and S-Bahn. It’s also recommended to have a look at the official website of Deutsche Bahn, for direct info:

What if I want to use regional trains AND fast trains on my journey?

If you want to also use a long-distance train such as IC, EC or ICE´s on your journey, you will have to buy a separate ticket! After you have bought your Deutschlandtarif 9-Euro-Ticket, you need to buy a ticket for the long-distance fast train as well. But only for the “white” train, this second ticket does not need to include the “red” trains as they are already covered in the monthly ticket.

What if my journey starts in June and ends in July, or starts in July and ends in August

Already now, you can buy the super-reduced ticket not only for the current month but also the following two months. As Deutschland-Ticket is only available in June, July and August, you can already purchase tickets for all three months at once. They are literally valid for the whole month, so if you travel on the last day of a month, and return on the first of the next month, you will need two Tickets. Also, you can purchase the ticket not only for yourself but also your partner, children, or anyone else. When bought at a ticket machine the field for the name will be blank and you have to sign the ticket for validity manually (the ticket holder).

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