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A Guide to Fishing in the Netherlands for Travelers (weekend fishing or fishing holidays in the netherlands)

Fishing in the Netherlands is a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and the thrill of reeling in a diverse range of fish species. With a straightforward permit process, affordable costs, and a multitude of scenic locations to choose from, it’s no wonder that this tranquil pastime has become increasingly popular among locals and travellers alike. So, pack your fishing gear, embrace the Dutch waters, and let the serenity of fishing in the Netherlands become a cherished chapter in your travel adventure. For more blog posts on fishing, make sure to check out the Fishing in Europe archive.

Your Quick Guide to: Fishing in the Netherlands as a Tourist

Dive into Dutch Waters: Where to Obtain Your Yearly Fishing Permit VISpas

The Netherlands, renowned for its picturesque canals, tulip fields, and historic windmills, has a hidden gem for travel enthusiasts seeking a tranquil escape – fishing. Before you embark on this serene adventure, it’s essential to secure a yearly fishing permit, called VISpas. Fortunately, obtaining this permit to go fishing in the Netherlands is a breeze. The Dutch government offers permits through their official website, allowing you to explore the country’s waters without any legal concerns. The process is user-friendly, making it convenient for both locals and international visitors. The annual permit cost is reasonable, making fishing an accessible and enjoyable pastime for all. Check out the Dutch government website here, for where and how to apply: Applying for a VISpas fishing permit |

A Tapestry of Waters: Recommended Places and Cities for Fishing Bliss

As you cast your line into the Dutch waters, you’ll find a plethora of options for a perfect fishing experience. One of the highly recommended spots is the Haringvliet, a vast estuary with diverse marine life. Located in the southwest of the country, Haringvliet is a haven for anglers seeking a mix of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Rotterdam, a city known for its modern architecture, is in proximity to excellent fishing locations. The Kralingse Plas, an urban lake within the city, offers a unique blend of cityscape and natural beauty.

If you prefer a more traditional setting for your fishing holidays in the Netherlands, Giethoorn, often referred to as the “Venice of the North“, is an idyllic village with numerous canals and lakes. Here, you can enjoy fishing amidst charming landscapes and quaint surroundings. Another noteworthy destination is the Ijsselmeer, a large inland lake that was once part of the North Sea. The lake, surrounded by historic towns such as Enkhuizen and Hoorn, provides a serene backdrop for a day of fishing.

VISplanner to prepare your fishing trip to the Netherlands

The Dutch Government conveniently shared where and where not holders of a VISpas are allowed to fish. The VISplanner is Dutch only, VISplanner | Sportvisserij Nederland; but did you know you can paste websites into and they will translate into any language of your choice, available on Google Translate? This would be the English version: VISplanner in English translated via G Translate. On the website, you can make use of filtering options for Fishing facilities, such as Night fishing waters, Fishing piers or Fishing boat rentals.
The VISplanner is also available on the go, as an app for both Android and iOS. Or, simply open the website on your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet with 4G/5G.

Fishing in the Netherlands Google Maps Map

If this map for fishing regions in the Netherlands is not properly displayed, you can also directly access it here:

Casting Lines for a Bounty: Common Fish Species in Dutch Waters

When it comes to fishing in the Netherlands, you’ll encounter a diverse range of fish species. The country’s water bodies are teeming with life, offering anglers an exciting array of catches. Common species include perch, pike, and roach, which thrive in both rivers and lakes. If you’re aiming for a bigger challenge, consider targeting zander, a predatory fish that lurks in deeper waters.

For those seeking a taste of the sea, the coastal areas provide opportunities to catch sea bass, flounder, and mullet. Carp fishing is also a popular activity, with many designated carp ponds and lakes across the country. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, the Netherlands offers a variety of fishing experiences to suit your preferences. Either for yourself or your spouse travelling with you, our comprehensive recommendations for trips to Amsterdam might come in super handy.

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