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the best Heididorf parking in Maienfeld, Graubuenden

“Heidi, Heidi, Your world are the Hills”, who cant remember the catchy lyrics to the theme song of the Heidi anime series. Based on multiple books by swiss author Johanna Spyri dating back to the late 19th century, the fictional girl Heidi instantly grew a worldwide following. The story has been translated into more than 50 languages, and adapted in various movies. The most popular one might be the anime version from 1974. If you, too, have been growing up to watching the series, you might be happy to hear about Heididorf. It’s basically where the story takes place, with the winter house more down the mountain, and an adjacent museum, as well as a hut situated higher. Heididorf in Maienfeld is, as the original story, a town nearby Bad Ragaz/Chur in Graubuenden, in eastern Switzerland. The best option is stop in Maienfeld on a Roadtrip, for a few hours or even half a day. To hike and imerse into the world of Heidi. So, when traveling by Car, there is it recommended to park your car? Find below a few options.
Otherwise, it’s also quite easy to travel to Maienfeld by Train, read more about this in the article “how to travel to Heididorf Maienfeld from Zurich in Switzerland”.

Where to park your Car in Maienfeld, for a visit to Heididorf

Parking at Maienfeld Train Station
If you want to get a few extra kilometres of walking and hiking it, it’s recommended to park at the train station in Maienfeld. From the train station to Heididorf its roughly 2.5 km by foot. The parking along the train tracks is plentyful, so you should always find a spot here. Insert a few coints into the parking meter and youre ready to go. Make sure to have a few swiss franc coins ready!
Address: Walchiweg, 7304 Maienfeld, Switzerland on Google Maps

Official Heididorf Parkplatz
This is the official parking for Heididorf, next to a Restaurant and Hotel.
Address: Bovelweg 12, 7304 Maienfeld, Switzerland on Google Maps

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