How to get to and where to park in Beuron to go hiking


travel to Beuron southern Germany

Beuron is a small city in southern Germany. Almost a typical small little town, with not too much on offer. Which is more than great if you want a time-out from daily life. Beuron is an ideal starting point to go hiking. May you want to do a longer-stretched multi-day hike, or just a casual day hike or half-day hike? The idyllic area around Beuron in southern Germany offers you all of this. Besides outdoor activities, the city is known for the Archabbey and the Art School for religious art. But more for the picturesque Limestones which form a stunning valley. It is not without reason that it forms the centre of the Upper Danube Nature Park. The Danube spring is not too far from Beuron either. So, if you want to travel to Beuron, there are two main modes of transportation. By train or my individual car ride.

How to travel to Beuron in southern Germany

How to get to Beuron by public transportation/train

This might sound a bit surprising to some, but the small town of Beuron has its own train station. Not a big one and only regional trains stop in Beuron, but it’s there. You can travel directly from Ulm, Donaueschingen, Sigmaringen, and Villingen-Schwenningen without having to change trains in between journeys. The travel time from Ulm is about 1:37 hours and from Sigmaringen a mere 25 minutes. For information on day-dependent timetables for train rides, or how to purchase tickets online beforehand, visit bahn.com to look everything up.

The address of the train station is: Wolterstraße 16, 88631 Beuron, Germany

Where to park in Beuron to go hiking

If you want to go hiking in Beuron, I can personally recommend the general big parking lot in the city center. It’s situated near the benedictine monastery, and near the start of my hiking route which I also recommend to you. It’s probably the best car park in Beuron.

Cost of parking: 1 hour = € 0.50
each additional hour = 0,50 €
Day ticket = 3,00 €
2-day ticket = 5,00 €

The monastery car park is chargeable from Monday – Saturday around the clock, on Sundays and public holidays from 12:30 – 20 hrs.
There is a parking ticket machine on site, only coins are accepted (10 ct, 20 ct, 50 ct, 1 Euro, 2 Euro), no card!

The address for this car park is: Abteistraße 24, 88631 Beuron, Germany


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