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14 ideas for newborn photos: in the hospital and at home

How to take candid newborn photos? First of all, congratulations on your new bundle of joy and love! The arrival of a new baby is a very special moment in a family’s life. Of course, you want to remember this precious time, and what better way than sweet newborn photos to capture these moments for eternity? In this post, we share some magical ideas for newborn photos that can be taken both in the hospital and at home.

Ideas for your newborn photos

Regardless of where you decide to capture these precious moments, you must always treat your baby with love and patience. Create a relaxed atmosphere and take your time with the newborn photoshoots to get stress-free and beautiful newborn photos that you will treasure forever.

Capturing the first moments: newborn photos in the hospital

The first days after birth are unique, and the hospital offers a special backdrop for emotional and sweet newborn photos. Here are some ideas for capturing those magical moments:

  1. Baby in the hospital bed: Gently place your baby in his hospital bed, gently cover him and take photos of his peaceful sleep.
  2. The tiny hands and feet: Close-up photos of your newborn’s hands and feet are heartwarming and capture the delicate details.
  3. The first eye contact: Photograph the first eye contact between you and your baby. These moments are unforgettable and full of emotions.
  4. Family Photo: Take a family photo in the hospital room to express the joy and love your baby has brought with his arrival.
  5. Hats and doilies: Use cute hats and doilies available at the hospital to add cute accessories to your photos.
  6. Cuddle time: Take photos of yourself holding your baby lovingly in your arms and kissing him tenderly.
  7. Welcoming Visitors: When friends or family meet the baby for the first time in the hospital, record these special encounters.

Sweet photo ideas for when at home

After you leave the hospital, you can continue taking sweet newborn photos in the familiar surroundings of your own home. Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Baby in the nursery: Decorate the nursery beautifully and place your baby in his crib or on a fluffy blanket to take natural and calm photos.
  2. Thematic photos: Choose a specific theme for the photos, be it flowers, animals, seasons or colours, and decorate the room accordingly.
  3. Sibling love: If you have older children, take cute sibling photos. These moments are precious and show the bond between siblings.
  4. Baby in Basket or Crate: Carefully place your newborn in a decorative basket or pretty crate to create a charming scene.
  5. Nude photos: Simple and natural nude photos can capture your baby’s innocence and beauty particularly well.
  6. Baby in parents’ arms: Capture your love and affection for the baby by photographing it in the parents’ arms.
  7. Playful Accessories: Experiment with small props like hats, headbands, teddy bears or pacifiers to give your baby a playful look.

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