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Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Paris

Growing from just a platform to share Pictures enhanced with a fancy Filter, Instagram has grown to a serious social network. Besides sharing adventures, saving memories and following other people’s experiences, I use Instagram to research for my travels. Foodie-Accounts for Restaurant recommendations, local Bloggers for Sightseeing Tips and things to do, or official Accounts for news on Events and more. Paris is a nice destination to visit year-round, whilst every season has its on perks. These now are Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Paris, ranging from official accounts to stores to local bloggers. Do you know any other Instagram Accounts with a focus on Paris? Please comment them below, I always love to discover new Accounts!

Paris related Instagram Accounts by locals and companies

@parisinfourmonths – Blogger Carin Olsson

Blogger and Influencer Carin Olsson once packed all her belongings together and moved to Paris. After a first four-month stay to learn the language and culture, she soon returned to move permanently. Although she is traveling abroad a lot, she captures Paris in a very charming angle, always with a touch of pastel colors.


Not the official Paris Account by the local Tourism Department, but @Paris is a well-curated stream to follow by Patrick Colpron. Use the Hashtag #ThisIsParis for a chance to get featured.


What is Paris all about? Architecture, Food, Adventure, Fashion, Culture and simply so much more. I found @obonparis offers a really nice insight into what Paris looks like from a locals perspective. However, it’s more like a photo book with only brief descriptions than actual tips and recommendations.


More than just a fashion store, Merci in Paris combines a shopping and culinary experience. Situated in the Marais district of Paris you can shop unique Fashion, sip a Cafe au lait and pose next to their cute red Fiat 500 vintage car. And later schlep some new furniture home. With more than 222.000 followers the popularity of Merci Paris’s Instagram Account is undeniable.



It seemed like there was no (Fashion-)Blogger Instagram from 2011 to 2014 without at least one Picture of one or multiple Macarons. With the rise of the french delicacies Laduree found worldwide success. Once founded in 1862 the Maison Laduree sells Macarons, Eclairs and equally tasty pastries and delicacies all around the world. Follow their Account for regular foodporn and nice interior inspo.

Le Blog de Betty – @BettyAutier

One of the first fashion bloggers I’ve been reading, Le Blog de Betty by Author Betty Autier is still going strong in the blogging world, after 10 years. Living in Paris she is more the “cool girl” type, compared to Miss Olsson from above. Her Insta Feed is more grungy, edgy buy still very pleasing to look at with lots of material to daydream about a Trip to Paris asap…

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