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Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich | Review

The Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich is directly at the Airport of Munich and an ideal base for some rest before or after a flight. Located right between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 the ways are short. But you can’t stay at Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich anymore, as it changed ownership and its name exactly one Year ago. Now it’s known as Hilton Munich Airport. The Hilton Group wants renovate and expand the hotel and we are thrilled about the planned changes until 2017. During my Stay, there were 343 rooms and 46 suites as well as 30 conference rooms, until 2017 there will be another 160 more rooms.

Test Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich *****

The Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich is really THE address if you want to catch an early flight and find some rest ahead or some relaxing time after a late landing at Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport. The staff was always very attentive and proactive, and the room offered with a separate bedroom, a dressing room and a large bathroom enough space for a relaxing and restful night. The breakfast buffet was large but not overwhelming and for an egg dish I would have had to wait a few minutes (6 people were already in the queue) but as I only had a short time for breakfast it wasn’t possible to wait that long. It also took a few (important) minutes until they offered me a coffee, which was a bit too long for me as I haven’t had that much time. What no longer meets this day and age is that I had to pay 16 euros per 24 hours WiFi in my Room, in a Room that costs 595 € per night, according to the briefing inside the Room. However, it was available quickly and without problems.
I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming changes the Hilton Group plans until 2017 and I can’t wait so spend another night at the new Hilton Hotel at Munich’s Airport.

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