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Lake Constance Katamaran Prices 2022 for Konstanz – Friedrichshafen

How much does a ticket for the Bodensee Katamaran on Lake Constance cost in 2022? And how much does a ticket cost for a round trip between Constance and Friedrichshafen? Mobility at Lake Constance is partly a critical issue. Partly only one lane per direction on the streets, with trucks after cars after camper vans squeezing themselves through towns and small villages. For tourists as well as for locals, mobility with a self-driven vehicle is no fun in the Lake Constance region. Apart from partly excellent connections in the public local passenger traffic (city express buses), another form of transportation is indispensable at the Lake of Constance. Not around Lake Constance, but directly on and over it. Here, the catamaran or Der Katamaran, the fast ship between the two cities on the German shore, Constance and Friedrichshafen, is more than recommendable.

The travel time between the two cities takes a little over three-quarters of an hour (52 minutes), the departure in each case hourly, as well as depending on the season and the corresponding workload also with adjusted times. Here it is recommended in any case to shortly before a ride have a look at the website of the Lake Constance Catamaran for current information. But, how much does a trip with the catamaran cost in 2022?

Prices for the catamaran Der Katamaran on Lake Constance 2022

Single trip 11,20 €
Round trip 22,00 €
Single trip with KatCard 6,20 €
Multiple trip ticket (5 trips at 10,00 € each) 50,00 €
CHILD (6-14 years)  
Single trip 5,50 €
Round trip 10,90 €
FAMILY (up to 2 adults and 3 children 6-14 years)  
Single trip 27,00 €
Round trip 53,50 €
Monthly pass (valid from the day of sale), transferable 209,00 €
Monthly ticket (calendar month), personal 145,00 €
Monthly pass (calendar month) for trainees, pupils, and students, personal 109,00 €
Annual subscription (monthly debit amount), transferable 174,90 €
Annual subscription (monthly debit), personal 119,50 €
One way adult 9,40 € instead of 11,20 € (regular rate)
One way a child (6-14 years) 5,00 € statt 5,50 €
Bicycle (one way) (max. 10 bikes per trip) 7,50 €
Bicycle monthly pass (valid from the day of sale) 54,00 €
Courier rate 9,80 €


  • A children’s ticket is required for dogs.
  • Severely disabled persons are transported free of charge, provided they have a German severely disabled person’s ID card in conjunction with a valid public transport token. Barrier-free catamaran

as of March 2022, Source

Departure times Lake Constance catamaran

These departure times for the catamaran on Lake Constance are currently valid until further notice. To check for yourself if there are any changes, you can find them on the catamaran’s website, here.

Traffic Day Constance – Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen – Constance
KN dep. FN arr. FN dep. KN arr.
Mon-Fri weekdays 7:00 7:52 6:00 6:52
daily 9:00 9:52 8:00 8:52
daily 11:00 11:52 10:00 10:52
daily 13:00 13:52 12:00 12:52
daily 15:00 15:52 14:00 14:52
daily 17:00 17:52 16:00 16:52
daily 19:00 19:52 18:00 18:52

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