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Lösch für Freunde Hotel in Hornbach near Zweibrücken

If you are looking for a super unique, comfortable and private Hotel Lösch für Freunde in Hornbach near Zweibrücken in Germany, very close to France, is totally recommendable for you. With only 15 Rooms the focus of “Lösch für Freunde” is not to have as many guests as possible, but to offer the very best of a Home away from Home. And not just a Feeling, it really IS this way.

When entering my room I felt like in a pure paradise, a girly-girl fashion-girl paradise. Luckily I received the “Atelier Room” whose first feel was super cosy, comfortable and fashionable. The room contained a couch with fluffy pillows, a large desk and a large double bed and lots of nice and thoughtful accessories. Of course, there were also two Flatscreen-TV, a Bose Sound System and a Nespresso coffee machine in the room. Above the Desk, perfect for working and/or reading some of the dozens of Fashion Books that wait on the bookshelf next to is a large corkboard with fashion drawings. Is there anything else a fashion girl or fashion boy ever asked for? Right, a huge bathroom and guess what, there is one – and probably one of the most fashionable bathrooms I’ve ever entered. The shower gel, shampoo etc are by ETRO, these small gifts definitely show how much the owner takes care of you.

As it’s usually when you stay with friends, you have your meals together. With laughter, interesting conversations and good food. As I stayed at Lösch für Freunde with a larger group, we had the whole house, they organised a delicious barbeque at the houses own garden. The dessert buffet later followed inside and just check out the Pictures at the end. There is absolutely nothing to complain about, even for me as a vegetarian.

If you want to spend a night, or more, with friends than at an anonymous Hotel Lösch für Freunde should be definitely your first choice if you want to stay near Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken or Zweibrücken. But make sure to book in advance to make sure your requested room is still available. The interior of the Rooms are theme-based and well equipped with everything you need. And if there is something else you need, like something to drink or a snack, just head over to the public kitchen and enjoy a delicious meal with all the other guests at one large table.
The prices, starting from 175 €, might seem a bit high but the service and everything is just definitely worth it and adequate.

Address Lösch für Freunde in Hornbach

Hauptstrasse 19-21
66500 Hornbach
Tel: +49 (0) 6338 – 91010-200

Gallery: Atelier Room at Lösch für Freunde in Hornbach near Zweibrücken in Germany

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