Hello and Welcome to the Joy Della Vita Travelblog by (most of the time) solo travelling Blogger-Girl Lisa. On this Map, you find every place my Joy della Vita-Journey has stories to tell about.. enjoy them!

The places on this Map are sorted by categories, like yellow houses for hotels or hostels, turquoise shopping cart for shops, blue pins for Travel Diaries, a glass with beer for Restaurants, Cafés and everything food/store related, trains for train and transports, a walking human for walking and hiking trails and yes, everything should be self-explanatory. And if in doubt, just click on one of these and you’ll find out about what this sign/Article is about!

Also, make sure to zoom in into cities/areas you are interested in as there are often a few pins within a short area.

Explanation of this Map

coffee – Café, Ice Cream Parlor
bar – Restaurants, Bistro, Fast Food Chains
bus – Trains, Train Stations, Transportation on rails
cycling – Bike Tour, anything Bike-related
supermarket – Shopping Mall, Places to Shop
photo – ‘Places with a View’, Photo Location
home – Hotel, Hostel, Places to stay overnight
hiking tourism – Hiking Route, Route to walk (Sightseeing-Tour)
cruiseship – Ship, Boat, Katamaran, Cruise Ship, every transport on water
flowers – Flower, nature related
notvisited – where to find free WiFi
temple 2 – Museum, Art Gallery, Historic Building and Exhibition
deer – Animals, wildlife park
animals – Planes, Transport in the Air
webcam – Road Trips or everything Roadtrip related
blue pushpin – Travel Diary

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