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New: Sushi Station at Bodensee Center Friedrichshafen

The food offerings at the Bodensee Center in Friedrichshafen have been really okay so far, but now they have received a new addition. Sushi Station with Sushi boxes to take away. Located directly at the entrance of the supermarket Kaufland in the middle aisle, Sushi Station is easy to reach. The fastest is be from OBI parking lot or the upper deck parking.
One side counter, the other side a cool box with several ready to use boxes. Each box is printed with the corresponding price and the date of packaging. At the time of my visit to Sushi Station in the Bodensee Center, there was quite a selection of assorted boxes, but most of them were with fish, only two different ones were vegetarian/vegan – Maki cucumber and mixed Maki. The price for 8 pieces of Maki Sushi is 3,50€, the average price for takeaway Sushi. In the fish-free “Maki Mix A” for 3,50 €, there are two Avocado Maki, two Mango Maki, two Paprika Maki and two Maki with cucumber. In addition, there is a small portion of soy sauce, yellow ginger and wasabi cream free of charge.
Sushi to go is also available in Friedrichshafen from mee Sushi at the Hafenbahnhof, at Sushi & Nem near the Stadtbahnhof/Altstadt and at Asia World at the Seewald near the Airport.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement, I paid for the sushi myself.

Address Sushi Station Friedrichshafen: Ailinger Str. 109, 88046 Friedrichshafen
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, closed on Sundays

Pictures: Vegetarian Maki Sushi from Sushi Station at Bodensee Center Friedrichshafen

Mixed Maki Sushi in Friedrichshafen
Mixed Maki Sushi in Friedrichshafen
Sushi Friedrichshafen Lake Constance

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