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Opening of Europe’s largest CapsuleTM Hotel at Zurich Airport

Press Release by Capsule Hotel – Alpine Garden

On Saturday, February 12, 2022, the time had come: Europe’s largest CapsuleTM Hotel opened at Zurich Airport. With around 1100m2 and 144 sleeping spaces, it makes its guests dream with a unique design concept. For the first time, a Swiss hotel was co-developed from scratch with a successful influencer. Swiss nature photographer Fabio Zingg designs the hotel’s interior with his images from the Alps. This creates a unique experience space where travelers from all over the world meet.

On Saturday, February 12, 2022, a new CapsuleTM Hotel opened at Zurich Airport. Located directly opposite Check-in 1, it is positioned in a prime location. Those who take off early in the morning can now arrive comfortably the evening before and, with a creamy espresso and a fine croissant in their belly, walk relaxed across the street to check-in the next morning. Thanks to low prices and a cozy atmosphere with a bar, breakfast offerings and the only airport Jacuzzi, it turns a stressful arrival into a harmonious start to the vacations. But that’s not all: the CapsuleTM Hotel reduces the overnight stay to what is really necessary for a restful sleep: a clean, comfortable and quiet place to sleep. By the way, the ecological footprint of an overnight stay in the CapsuleTM Hotel is 80% lower than in a conventional hotel room.

In total, the CapsuleTM Hotel at Zurich Airport will have 144 sleeping pods on approximately 1100m2. This includes six barrier-free sleeping capsules and one wheelchair-accessible sleeping capsule. Guests will stay in swiss capsulesTM that meet the highest standards. The sleeping capsules are designed and produced in Switzerland, are lockable and soundproofed so that guests can enjoy the greatest possible privacy in the smallest possible space. Air hygiene is also taken care of. The individual fresh-air air-conditioning system prevents the air from mixing. Also integrated into the hotel are cozy meeting zones, a small wellness area, co-working opportunities, and a bar with breakfast facilities where guests can help themselves to drinks and snacks around the clock. Capsules can be booked both night and day.

Peter Schiffhauer, VRP capsule services AG: “We are very pleased to be able to open the new Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport after seven months of construction. With the unique design concept, vibe and overnight rates starting at 65 Swiss francs, we meet the needs of national and international guests. The exceptional “Alpine Garden” design” also creates the ideal atmosphere for encounters and exchanges among travelers.”

Lydia Naef, Head Property & Portfolio Management at Flughafen Zürich AG, is also convinced of the capsule hotel’s success: “We are very pleased about the opening of Europe’s largest capsule hotel at Zurich Airport. The capsule hotel, located directly opposite Check-in 1, ideally complements the existing range of overnight accommodation at the airport. The hotel offers travelers a place to sleep at attractive prices – without sacrificing design and comfort. In addition, passengers of all airlines and booking classes benefit from rest and co-working facilities.”

Influencer showcases the treasures of the Swiss Alps
The operator is breaking completely new ground in the design of the CapsuleTM Hotel at Zurich Airport. For the first time in Switzerland, a hotel is being built from the ground up together with an influencer. Nature photographer Fabio Zingg designed the hotel’s interiors as well as the individual capsules with his photos of hidden treasures of the Swiss Alps. With over 310,000 followers on Instagram, he is one of the most successful influencers in Switzerland. “It is a great project for me” says Fabio Zingg. “By designing this innovative hotel, I can bring travelers closer to the most beautiful sides of Swiss nature while giving them an unforgettable experience.”

The hotel at Zurich Airport is the third location of “capsule services AG” after Lucerne and Basel. The latter attaches great importance to the unique design of each location. “We want a very special vibe to be experienced at each location” says VRP Peter Schiffhauer. With sleeping reduced to the essentials while maximizing the guest experience, the capsule hotel team wants to revolutionize the hotel world: “We build hotels where people are allowed to meet.”

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