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Places with a view in Zurich, Switzerland

The finest places with the best views in Zurich are definitely popular ones. But do you already know all of them? If not, all of them should definitely be on your list for your next adventurous day in Züri! May it be to take stunning pictures of Zurich City Centre or its surrounding landscape, romantic places to enjoy a beautiful sunset, or to shoot some new pictures (for social media). Even without any of those intentions, these Places with a view in Zurich may give you a totally new perspective of the city. The lake, the hills surrounding the old city centre, the remarkable railway station or just the old houses built one next to each other. There is so much to discover and explore in Zürich, the beautiful views are just another welcome extra. If you know any other nice place that should be added to this list, write me a quick message via the anonymous blog post request form!

The most stunning places with a view in Zurich

These following half a dozen places are personal favourites of mine. All of them are great to just enjoy the views, and discover more about the city layout and size of the city centre, are also great locations and backdrops for photo shootings, or to enjoy a nice romantic picnic or to read a book or listen to music. Of course, all of the places mentioned below are free of charge, intending you can visit them without having to pay a view. Obviously, there are also some nice rooftop bars or restaurants in Zurich, but as you usually have to be a paying guest to visit those terraces, they haven’t been included in this article. Maybe in the future, there will be an additional blogpost here reviewing the best gastronomies in Zurich with a view. Stay tuned!


This is probably my favourite “place with a view” in Zuerich. A view from this platform is also used as the cover photo for this blog post. You can either reach this viewing terrasse by walking (quite a bit) or by taking the nostalgic Polybahn (you will need to purchase a ticket!).
Zurich view polyterrasse evening

Uetliberg / TV-Tower at Uetliberg

Fernsehturm Uetliberg is a TV tower situated at 869 m above sea level, granting an impressive panoramic view of Zurich, the lake Zürichsee and the surrounding alps. The Uetliberg mountain is not only popular in summer due to its well-marked hiking routes or the popular “Planet Trail” to Felsenegg (Adliswil), but it is also popular in winter as the summit of the mountain is often above fog clouds granting visitors still some rays of sunshine, of which the people in the city are lacking.

Below a popular picture on Instagram, taken at Uetliberg.

Zurich View From Uetliberg on GoogleMaps.

Platform in front of Grossmünster Zürich

The small platform in front of the historic Grossmünster in the old town part of Zurich is not a particular “place with a view”. Rather a nice backdrop for photos, or if you do not want to leave the city centre due to. alack of time, or do not want to climb/hike somewhere.

Places with a view in Zürich Switzerland Grossmunster city view Platform blog joydellavita

Freitag Tower

Clearly visible from incoming or departing trains of Zurich HB railway station, Freitag Tower is not only an advertising structure for Zurich based bag and accessories company Freitag. The tower consisting of multiple stacked shipping containers is actually a viewing platform. From on top of the Freitag Tower near Zürich Hardbrücke, you are not only granted views of the nearby railway tracks but also of many parts of Zurich West.

Freitag Tower on Google Maps.

Observation Deck at Zurich Airport

Not only for planespotters, but there are also free viewpoints outside as well as inside Zurich Airport. The best is Observation Deck B inside Zurich Airport ZRH, accessible even without a ticket! However, the entrance to this observation deck is NOT free of charge, the price per adult is 5 CHF, about 4.65 Euro. More information regarding opening hours on the Zurich Airport website.

Zuschauerterrasse B / Observation Deck B on Google Maps.

some more viewpoints in Zurich City

Aussichtspunkt Käferberg on Google Maps / Lachsbaum on Google Maps

Rigiblick on Google Maps – you can reach this station either by another Seilbahn, cable car, or via Tramline 10 which connects both Zurich Airport in Kloten with Zurich main railway station Hauptbahnhof Zürich. Rigiblick is also your preferred bus/tram station if you want to visit Zurich Zoo.

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