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Züri Velo public rental bikes in Zurich

Public Bike Sharing in Zurich

by Lisa


PubliBike bicycles populate downtown Zurich. Bicycles can be borrowed from numerous stations throughout the city. In addition to bus and tram, it is a convenient way to get from A to B quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Whether just from one place to another, or for a day of sightseeing, bike sharing through PubliBike is always worthwhile. Both as a tourist, and a local.

PubliBike is a station-bound bike sharing company that operates in numerous Swiss cities. In addition to Zurich, in Lugano, around Lake Geneva or in Bern. Together with Velospot, it is the largest bike rental system in Switzerland.

How to register for PubliBike / how to rent a bike / bike in Zurich

Before you can rent a bike in Zurich, you have to register directly with the provider. This works online and within a few minutes. To register you have to choose a subscription. For tourists or very few users, we recommend the “QuickBike” option with no annual fee. Further details on the various subscription types can be found below.

If you have successfully completed the registration, renting a bike or e-bike works as follows.

1. Search for station and available bikes

The PubliBike stations are easily recognizable from the stele. You can use the app to locate yourself and find the nearest stations. When you click on the station, available bikes and e-bikes are displayed.

2. Choose the bike you want

The right bike or e-bike can be selected at the station. Before setting off, check that the bike is not damaged. If there is any damage, please report it directly via the app.

3. Open the bike lock and start driving

The electronic bike lock is behind the saddle. To wake it up, just press the button. Hold the smartphone with the app open to the display at a distance of about 20 cm and the lock will open.

There are currently around 700 PubliBike bicycles in Zurich, so there should usually always be one available nearby. For more information on how to interrupt a trip, or even complete, is available on the website of the provider.

What does a PubliBike bike cost in Zurich?

PubliBike currently offers four different subscriptions to use the bikes. Depending on your own needs, with or without an annual fee. But always at fixed tariff rates. Below is a brief overview of the current offers for bicycles. Further details and prices for e-bikes are available online at  publibike.ch/pricing/

QuickBike – without an annual fee

First 30 min per trip 3.-
Every additional minute 0.05
Maximum 24 hours 20.-

EasyBike – CHF 50 per year

First 30 minutes per trip Free of charge
Every additional minute 0.05
Maximum 24 hours 20.-

MaxiBike – CHF 200 per year

First 30 minutes per trip Free of charge
Every additional minute 0.05
Maximum 24 hours 20.-

FreeBike – CHF 400 per year

First 30 minutes per trip Free of charge
Every additional minute 0.05
Maximum 24 hours 20.-

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