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Art & Design Photowalk in Zurich – Art in Public Space

Art in public spaces is absolutely in vogue in Zurich. There are said to be around 1300 publicly accessible works of art in Zurich. Some are extremely famous, others you walk past and don’t even notice, and many definitely are too beautiful not to admire. And who wouldn’t be interested in free attractions in Zurich, such as a dedicated Art & Design Photowalk in Zurich? Whether you want to photograph the artworks and architectural highlights, or just look at them, such a tour of Zurich is always more than worthwhile.

Art in public space in Zurich Photowalk

Find here below an overview of the most admirable free art in public space in Zurich. I have entered most of the following “highlights” of the works of art in public space in Zurich on the embedded Google Maps map below, so that you can start your walk without hesitations. If you want to visit all of them, you should expect a nice 15 km walk, photowalk. Without the ones in Oerlikon and Zurich West, and just the central ones, it’s a fairly easier stroll.

L’ange protecteur – Niki de Saint Phalle
The giant “Nana” guards travellers in the main hall of Zurich’s main railway station, pictured below.
Address: Zurich Main Station 8001 Zurich

Monument to Hans Künzi – Carsten Höller
At Europaplatz, the curious will find a memorial that pays tribute to the too “father of the S-Bahn” in an abstract way.
Address: Zurich Main Station 8001 Zurich

La Boule d’or centenaire / The Centenary Golden Ball – Dieter Meier
Yello frontman Dieter Meier’s centenary ball is embedded in the ground at Zurich central station since 2008. It’s protected by bulletproof glass.
Address: Zurich Main Station 8001 Zurich (in the middle of the station concourse on the ground floor).

Giacometti Hall – Augusto Giacometti
Probably the most beautiful entrance hall to a police station stands in the heart of Zurich thanks to Augusto Giacometti, as seen above.
Address: Bahnhofquai 3 8001 Zurich

Monument to Hans Künzi – Carsten Höller
a light installation at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, dedicated to the “father of the S-Bahn”, Hans Künzi.
Address: Europaplatz Kasernenstrasse 100 8004  Zürich

Pavilion sculpture – Max Bill
Max Bill’s granite sculpture stands in the middle of the busy Bahnhofstrasse.
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 47 8001 Zurich

Eureka – Jean Tinguely
Jean Tinguely’s first public work stands on Lake Zurich and is still in use.
Address: Zürichhorn 8008 Zurich

Y – Sislej Xhafa
In Hardaupark in Zurich’s west, the installation Y invites you to reflect, but also to swing.
Address: Badenerstrasse 372 8004 Zurich

Towers – Los Carpinteros
A tribute to the former industrial quarter of Zurich West stands at Escher-Wyss-Platz.
Address: Escher-Wyss-Platz 8005 Zurich

Anne-Sophie – Alex Hannimann
The chrome steel sculpture Anne-Sophie by artist Alex Hanimann shines and reflects in Zurich-West in front of 25hours Hotel (as pictured below)
Address: Pfingstweidstrasse 102 8005 Zurich / at the 25hours Hotel Zurich-West.

How to Work Better – Fischli/Weiss
A significant work of art by Zurich artist duo Fischli/Weiss is located in Zurich-Oerlikon.
Address: Binzmühlestrasse 14 8050 Zurich

The Captive Flea – Yves Netzhammer
In Oerlikon, a huge perception labyrinth allows insights into an underground world.
Address: Binzmühlestrasse 156 8050 Zurich

Pavillon Le Corbusier – by Le Corbusier
An architectoral highlight by architect Le Corbusier near the shores of Lake Zurich, initiated and financed by Heidi Weber. There is an Entrance fee for inside, admiring the outside and garden is free of charge
Address: Höschgasse 8 8008 Zürich

Anne-Sophie – Alex Hannimann in Zurich West vor dem 25hours Hotel

L’ange protecteur – Niki de Saint Phalle Zürich Hauptbahnhof

Source: visitzuerich

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