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Public Transport in Cologne Germany by Travel Blog JoyDellaVita

Getting around Cologne in Germany is easy if you know how. If you want to stay in the city centre will all the historic sights, shopping possibilities and plenty of Restaurants and Hotels, you can easily walk all day. But to discover more of the City, or even for a day Trip to the City of Bonn, the previous capital city of Germany, it’s recommended to use public transportation. Find below your options on how to get around Cologne.

Public Transport in Cologne

U- & S-Bahn and Tram-Trains

Cologne railway network public transport - joy della vita travel blog
Cologne railway network / public transport

There are plenty of options to get around Cologne by Underground, S-Bahn or Tram Trains. To find out where the trains are driving, this pdf is super helpful with ticket prices and the whole railway network. Tickets are available for Single rides, 4-Trip-Tickets, Day Tickets for 1 or 5 people, or a Week Ticket valid from Monday until the first working day of the following week. Prices for each ticket vary on the distance you want to travel, those are separated by levels as seen in the pdf document as linked above.

Regional Trains

If your destination is not covered by the regional railway network by U-, S-Bahn or Tram-Trains, proper Trains might be your solution. All the trains in Cologne depart at Cologne central station (Köln HBF) right next to the enormous Cologne cathedral. You can also travel internationally from there, or long-distance within Germany to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich for example. For Information on departure times, how to book tickets and connections visit bahn.com/en/

car2go / DriveNow Carsharing

car2go carsharing can be found not just in multiple cities in Germany, they are offering cars all over the planet. All with just one user account and one single app on your smartphone. They once started their service in the southern German city of Ulm, where they discontinued the service in the meantime. Anyway, Car2Go and Carsharing, in general, is a convenient option if you don’t want to use Public Transport, as you are might not yet familiar with the system and how it works, but still don’t want a Taxi. Currently, there are the following cars available, all over the city and region: Mercedes-Benz A-class, CLA and GLA and smart fortwo. Prices are charged for either minutes, hours or a complete day. One minute costs up from 0,24 €, a full hour from 13,99€ or a full day from 79,00€. How to sign up and more details about how it works can be found on the car2go website. Oh, and even Alexa can now reserve you a car2go ride.





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