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Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg

When wandering around Strasbourg, the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in north eastern France, on my first visit to the City I wasn’t sure what I wanted to have for Lunch. Something regional at a traditional restaurant, or just a baguette and later an eclair on the go while sitting somewhere close to the water? When I passed the tables of the outdoor area in front of Francesca in Strasbourg I was sure that I wanted to eat there, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Francesca is a French chain with a few dozens of Restaurants all over France. They offer a variety of Pasta in combination with different sauces and pesto’s, Lasagna, Salads, Panini and different desserts. You find an overview of their Menu and offered Products online on their Homepage in French language. They even have a Delivery Service in a few districts and cities, as far as I understood. During my visit, it was no problem to order in English, as I don’t speak French, and I’ve chosen Penne with green pesto. They immediately cooked the Penne in front of me and later added a scoop of sauce on top. All the offered sauces are kept warm all day on a heat plate. Now some parmesan cheese on Top and the menu was ready within minutes.
If I compare Vapiano with Francesca I would prefer Vapiano, probably the biggest fast casual restaurant chain offering Italian food, as they prepare the sauces fresh and extra for every customer.

But all in all the Penne with green Pesto by Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg were very tasty and the service was fast as well. I’d definitely eat there again, and have a Tiramisu for dessert (and an eclair to go on the street later…).
Have you ever ate at Francesca anywhere in France? How did you like it?

Address Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg

14 Avenue de la Marseillaise
67000 Strasbourg

Pictures of my Lunch at Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg

Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg
Restaurant Francesca in Strasbourg

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