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Risotto in Naples: Delicious dinner at Valu near the harbour and Via Toledo

Can you also enjoy risotto in Naples? Naples, the birthplace of pizza, is a city where there seems to be a slice of pizza perfection on every corner. But for those of us with a preference for creamy, comforting risotto, finding the perfect dish can feel like a culinary quest in a city dominated by pizza. That’s where Valu Risotteria comes in – a hidden gem on a side street of the bustling Via Toledo, offering risotto lovers a break in the heart of Naples.

The duo of Vesuvio and Parmigiano

On a recent visit to Valu, my partner and I decided to step out of the pizza landscape and treat ourselves to a risotto feast. The menu, which can be viewed online, offers a variety of tempting options, but we narrowed it down to two: the Vesuvio, a risotto with yellow Vesuvian tomatoes and burrata for €13, and the Parmigiano, a risotto with aubergine and provolone cheese for €10.
You can see the full menu here: Valu Menu

A delicious treat – a risotto oasis in a pizza paradise

We arrived shortly after the restaurant opened at 8 p.m. and were immediately seated and served. The anticipation rose and it wasn’t long before our risotto arrived. The dishes were beautifully arranged and gave off an inviting aroma that whetted our appetites even further.

The Vesuvio risotto was a real treat for the senses. The strong flavours of the ripe Vesuvio tomatoes harmonised perfectly with the creamy burrata. Each bite was an explosion of freshness and richness. The Parmigiano risotto, on the other hand, contrasted beautifully with the smoky notes of the grilled aubergine and the creamy provolone cheese.

It should be noted, however, that the portions were rather small, which is a typical feature of Italian pasta and risotto dishes. In Italy, the first course, called “primi“, is usually smaller, as it is followed by the heartier “secondi“, which contains protein such as meat or fish with vegetable garnishes.

Despite the small portions, the quality and taste of the risotto at Valu Risotteria made up for it. The attentive service, cosy ambience and the fact that there is a restaurant in Naples specialising in risotto enhanced the overall experience.

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Parmigiano, a risotto with eggplant and provolone cheese
Parmigiano, a risotto with eggplant and provolone cheese
Vesuvio, a risotto with yellow Vesuvius tomatoes and burrata
Vesuvio, a risotto with yellow Vesuvius tomatoes and burrata

Restaurant review: Risotto in Naples in an authentic Risotteria

If you’re in Naples and looking for a break from the ubiquitous pizza, Valu Risotteria is a must-visit. Tucked away on Via del Gelso, this cosy eatery offers a refreshing alternative with its delicious risotto creations. The portions may not be quite as generous as you’d hope, but the quality and taste of the dishes more than make up for it.

Valu Risotteria is a culinary haven for risotto lovers and a testament to Naples’ diverse gastronomic scene. So, the next time you find yourself in this pizza paradise, be sure to get off the beaten track and enjoy the creamy, comforting goodness of Valu Risotto.

Valu Risotteria
Address: Via del Gelso 80, 80134, Naples
Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday, 12:00 to 16:00 and 8:00 to 12:00 (closed on Tuesdays).
Website: Valu Risotteria

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