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Your introduction to ski holidays in an eco-conscious french mountain village

Have you ever heard about Les Arcs? It’s a renowned french ski resort, which not only since recently focusses on an eco-conscious skiing experience. It’s situated in the region of Savoie, France, in the Tarentaise Valley town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, in the eastern south of France. The area is a great example of how green tourism will be possible in the future and is already now! For example, you can enjoy your lunch in an eco-responsible cafe on a panoramic terrace – how innovative! Nonetheless for a skiing resort, amazing!

How Les Arcs wants to turn skiing tourism green

The impacts of tourism are always heavy. It may start with the tourists getting there in the first place, what and how they consume and stay while holidaying, and what they leave behind once they leave. The responsible of Les Arcs France have created an all-around programme to combat all the negative sides of tourism. For a joyful experience for both tourists and nature, they are visiting. To make sure there is still nature left, in the near to far future. One of their initiatives is “Drink local” which encourages skiers to drink tap water instead of bottled water. As the environmental impact of bottled water is450 times greater than water from a tap. Besides this first but impactful change, the resort wants to become carbon neutral by 2040. An ambitious but promising goal!
Check out this website to learn more about their activities as a responsible holiday destination:

Where to stay in Les Arcs, depending on your interests

Les Arcs became a popular skiing resort up from the late 1960s. Since then interests have of course shifted. From skiing in regular pants merely 50 years ago, via reckless Apres Ski Parties to nowadays Yoga breakfasts, as offered weekly in the resort. People are way more conscious nowadays, so the hotels need to adapt to that as well. For your next ski holiday in Les Arcs you have plenty of options for Hotels. From 5-star hotels to idyllic chalets, for a family holiday or workation trips. Everything is possible in Les Arcs.
Why hesitate? Holidays are an ideal time to elevate yourself and to learn something new.

A yummy Recipe from Les Arcs

The famous french village even has its own Pasta shape, the Les Arcadiennes. Pasta in the shape of its emblematic logo. How unique is this!? The pasta is on sale in shops in Bourg Saint-Maurice and Les Arcs. The following quick recipe by the chef of Le Geneux restaurant in Arc 1600 can be either enjoyed with your holiday souvenir pack of Pasta or with any kind of Pasta of course. The bigger the shape, the better.

“Sweat the shallots, a little garlic and some sun-dried tomatoes in a little olive oil. Add the uncooked pasta, turn it around in the oil and condiment mixture, add water and cook like a risotto. Later add some cream, a little coriander, a splash of cognac and crumble a little Tarentais cheese (a local cheese made with raw goat’s milk). Grate some Brézain cheese (a pressed and uncooked pasteurised cheese made with cow’s milk, with a rind smoked over a wood fire) on top and brown in the oven. Serve accompanied by some fresh baby spinach and rocket.”

Enjoy this yummy recipe from Les Arcs!

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