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  • My Travel Year 2017

    My Travel Year 2017

    Whoa, today it’s the 31st of December of the Year 2017, the final day of the year. What a year it has been, again! I started with this nice tradition of reflecting the years two years ago, so far I have shared thoughts on my travel years 2015 and 2016. Never could I have imagined […]

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  • My blogging story – how I became a Blogger

    My blogging story – how I became a Blogger

    Hey Guys! This was a phrase I always wrote when starting a blog post, back in 2011. Before sharing with you my Blogger 101 and talking about everything related blogging I thought it’s important to start by telling my story. How I discovered and starting blogging, and how I became a Blogger. Just a few […]

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  • My Summer 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

    My Summer 2017 Roadtrip Playlist

    A quintessential ingredient for a good Summer Roadtrip is a playlist with good music. Customised ones are often better than playing regional radio stations, even though I quite enjoyed greek folklore music during my 3 days offroad adventure in Crete. Anyway, good tunes often bring sweet memories, bringing flashbacks to those ‘good old times’. Therefore […]

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