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My Travel Year 2017

Whoa, today it’s the 31st of December of the Year 2017, the final day of the year. What a year it has been, again! I started with this nice tradition of reflecting the years two years ago, so far I have shared thoughts on my travel years 2015 and 2016. Never could I have imagined at the beginning of the year, where it will lead me. Besides so many truly nice travel moments I will try to forever cherish, one big thing happened at the end of December: I travelled to the US for the first time. New York, Miami, San Francisco, Boston and San Diego, all these cities have been on my travel wishlist for ages, and now it was finally time, I flew to Los Angeles. It was actually the longest time I’ve stayed in one City in a long time! I might have not yet finished my blog posts about this Trip, but I’m still thinking about all the impressions I had. But besides travelling far, I have found a new favourite City that I re-visited again for the first time in about 8 years, Rome. Roma in February might not have been the typical season to visit, but the magical city got me and I want to return as soon as possible, but at least in Spring or Summer Season. In total, I visited Barcelona 6 times in 2017, yet it still doesn’t rank in my Top favourite cities. The city is nice, the food good, but the masses of tourists are more a pain than enjoyment and I prefer Italian architecture and way of living, above the Catalan style.
To continue the format of my 2016 Travel Year Report, here a list of all my visited cities in 2017, and my favourite articles of the year. I’m already so curious about how my 2018 Travel Year will look like, all I know so far is that I want to take more Trains and (again) less planes and fewer road trips. What are your travel plans for the upcoming year?

Countries I’ve visited in 2017

United Kingdom (Scotland + England), Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, United States of America, Germany

Cities I’ve visited in 2017

JanuaryManchester & Liverpool, Barcelona, Edinburgh
FebruaryNaples, Pompeii & Rome, Frankfurt, Barcelona
March – Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona
AprilLeiden near Amsterdam, Munich, Crete, Munich
MayOberstaufen, Bad Wörishofen, Munich, Essen
JuneBarcelona, Munich, Day Trip to Luino, Bratislava, Rorschach
July – Stuttgart, Dresden, Barcelona
September – Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Hamburg, Ibiza, Cologne, Frankfurt
October – no travel at all due to a surgery and recovery time
NovemberParis, Barcelona
DecemberLos Angeles

Number of Aeroplanes I took / Flights I had

All over the Year, I went on 57 flights (and many Trains/(long distance) Busses), thirty less than 2016. Most with Lufthansa, some with Aegean, easyJet, Vueling or RyanAir.

Published Articles on

In 2017 I published 169 Articles. Since starting this Blog in May 2015 this is now the 498th Article – and much more to come! Did you know you can check out all the Articles on a Map?

5 Most-read Articles in 2017 (Jan 1 – Dec 30) by you

  1. RyanAir On Board Menu 2016 (Food & Drinks)
  2. Taking an UBER in Milan
  3. Things to know before your first Flight with RyanAir
  4. Review: PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M
  5. Where to buy your Duomo di Milano Tickets

Most of you read from the UK, US, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Austalia and many many more.

Most popular Instagram Photos of 2017

Thanks to the Instagram Application ‘2017 Best Nine’ I was able to automatically generate the most liked Photos of my Instagram Account @Lisa_JoyDellaVita. I wrote about them in this Article, where I also explained how YOU can find yours out.

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