@VisitCZ Holiday Travel Chat on Nov 15th!

@VisitCZ Holiday Travel Chat on November 15th!

Tomorrow, on the 15th of November, there will be a Holiday Travel Chat hosted by Visit Czech Republic on Twitter. The Chat is starting at 10 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time – western US, western Canada, western Mexico,…), 1pm EST (Eastern Standard Time – eastern US, Bahamas, Panama, Columbia,..), and 7 pm CET (Central European Time – mainland Europe from Norway to Spain to the Czech Republic). The Questions will be posted by the @VisitCZ Twitter Account, and among everyone that wants to join I am answering them as well.
The Questions are all Holiday themed about the Czech Republic and you can follow my Twitter-Account @JoyDellaVita. Come join the Travel Chat on Tuesday, or read here later all the Questions and Answers. But I’m looking forward to interact with all of you! ūüėČ

In the past I already wrote about the Christmas Market in Prague on the Old Town Square, Saint Nicholas Day (Mikul√°Ň°) in Prague on December 5th or of course many more Travel Articles about Prague and the Czech Republic.

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