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@VisitCZ Holiday Travel Chat on November 15th!

Tomorrow, on the 15th of November, there will be a Holiday Travel Chat hosted by Visit Czech Republic on Twitter. The Chat is starting at 10 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time – western US, western Canada, western Mexico,…), 1pm EST (Eastern Standard Time – eastern US, Bahamas, Panama, Columbia,..), and 7 pm CET (Central European Time – mainland Europe from Norway to Spain to the Czech Republic). The Questions will be posted by the @VisitCZ Twitter Account, and among everyone that wants to join I am answering them as well.
The Questions are all Holiday themed about the Czech Republic and you can follow my Twitter-Account @JoyDellaVita. Come join the Travel Chat on Tuesday, or read here later all the Questions and Answers. But I’m looking forward to interact with all of you! 😉

In the past I already wrote about the Christmas Market in Prague on the Old Town Square, Saint Nicholas Day (Mikuláš) in Prague on December 5th or of course many more Travel Articles about Prague and the Czech Republic.

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