What is Spezi – typical german mix drink of Cola and orange lemonade

What is Spezi – typical german mix drink of Cola and orange lemonade

Spezi is a widespread and popular mix drink in Germany, both among teenagers and adults. Spezi is a mix of the beverages Cola and orange lemonade, often served with a slice of lemon. You can get Spezi anywhere in Germany – at restaurants, in supermarkets, even on German airlines Spezi can be your beverage of choice. In Restaurants, your drink is often mixed fresh, with Cola and Fanta, in stores and supermarkets you can buy it pre-made. Some of the brands for Spezi is Mezzo-Mix by Coca-Cola (mix of Coca-Cola and Fanta, also available in a diet version), Krumbach Spezi (by a water company, actually tastes ”lighter” than other brands) or Spezi by Paulaner (a brewery).

The best ratio of Spezi, in my personal opinion, is 60% Cola and 40% Orange lemonade. But this is definitely a choice of personal taste. Restaurants often serve Spezi with more Fanta than Coke, which clearly affects the taste (more orange taste than cola, which is not ideal).

When in Germany, you should definitely try Spezi, the mix of Cola and Fanta. It tastes delicious and refreshing, especially in summer with ice cubes. Check back soon to learn more about whats typical in Germany.

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