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3 good reasons to visit Greece this summer

With so many wonderful countries and cultures to explore in the Mediterranean, deciding which is best for your next summer getaway can be hard. While whatever nation you opt for will provide you with memories to last a lifetime, today we’re going to make a case for the birthplace of democracy – Greece.

From ancient ruins which offer a glimpse into our humankind, to more contemporary structures which show what life in modern Greece is like, here are just a smattering of the brilliant destinations which make Hellas one of the must-see spots not only in Europe but across the globe.

The Acropolis of Athens and The Parthenon

Photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash EUPYYd3hXqSYzreEkt1eTCXmy5d3bI29Vh1fNyC4Sa5BqJ9ObkgG46y5ledxL YOSCPl3n70LJhNZT3NzsI9 j8y4Duu5WfPW4iKnk2YtWnObMLbBeZkcZEpQ8FIs1Htv8I4eQ0JolZwDwHg2wy5rQ

Starting with a double-header, the Acropolis and the Parthenon are two of the most important remnants of any ancient culture that are left standing in the modern world. Seen as the cultural heart of Ancient Greece, the Acropolis was the central citadel of the city of Athens, consisting of religious buildings and other important landmarks. Many cite the Athenian Acropolis as the birthplace of modern Western culture.

Meanwhile, it’s arguably the area’s most famous building worth seeing. While well-versed historians will know that parts of the Parthenon are controversially visible in the British Museum, the genuine article is more than worth seeing in its natural environment. This religious temple (dedicated to Athena) has been used as everything from a munitions storage to a Mosque but ultimately stands as a testament to the religious practices of one of the world’s first great cultures.


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If you’ve ever seen images of brilliant white buildings offset with royal blue domes, you were looking at a photo of Santorini. This gem was once something of an unknown, owing to its relatively small size. That’s definitely not the case anymore, with 2 million visitors flocking to the island every year – despite only housing 15,500 total residents.

But it’s not just the buildings which draw in the crowds. A natural landscape carved out by volcanic eruptions, breathtaking cliff-top views, and unique local flora and fauna help Santorini stand out from fellow island rivals. What’s more, it boasts the same fabulous climate which beachgoers can experience across the entirety of Greece.

Epirus & Meteora

Photo by Yaron Tal on Unsplash 2MdPe6 VmT2vbyQsCj9U9aW rp76mNAUOssHtsh60ggvnLsolzSOr5uQWa EIXttcq3CGs9V0nRrpWPTUuheKkQa0 8UwjW22 Udb1i4VDlffm5W INTFYsioGNHQLPETW8dYwbXn05IKbLN2 26VA

While perhaps not the most universally recognised Greek city, these breathtaking metropolises are well worth discovering this summer. Boasting some of the most unique landmarks in the world (such as the Vikos Gorge, whose 3,000ft walls hold the record for being the deepest gorge on Earth in relation to width), Epirus and Meteora cannot be overlooked.

Other highlights include a trek through the lush Vikos National Park, as well as guided tours of vineyards and farms found in Zagor, near Epirus. In the Meteora region, you can visit the site of Dodona, where an ancient oracle was once said to call home. And no trip would be complete without a visit to Meteora itself. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is most famed for the ancient Christian monasteries that can be found carved into the living rock – which are said to date back 2,700 years.

Are you Inspired by these snippets of what the beautiful country of Greece has to offer? Make sure to check out one, or all of these magical destinations when you next travel to the land of myths and legends.

Featured image via: Lunch at Thalori Traditional Village in the south of Crete with stunning views

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