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5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Whether you have a job interview, a conference or a date, you need to act fast to make a good first impression. Research shows that you only have 27 seconds to make a positive impact when you meet someone new – not very long at all. It takes a lot less time to make a negative impression, and this is something that is far easier to accomplish – should you have some bizarre desire to do so!
And unfortunately, a bad first impression is much harder to change – and far more memorable. Here are just five tips you can use to leave a positive impression on everyone you meet. 

Be On Time 

It’s prudent to be punctual. You always want to make sure that you arrive a few minutes early at the very latest. Be sure to factor in plenty of travel time – you don’t know what might hold you up on the way. Someone you’ve just met isn’t going to care how good your excuses are – especially if they’re a potential employer or business connection. Instead, they’ll remember that you were late, and lateness implies that you consider your time to be more valuable than theirs.

Winning Smile 

Now, don’t over do it. Nothing looks more disingenuous than a Cheshire Cat grin. But a warm smile is a great way of easing tension. If you’re shy about your smile, there are steps you can take to boost your confidence. Portman Clear Brace Group provide clear brace solutions, so you can stun with your new straight smile! Let your pearly whites be your best feature – a smile works wonders at making others feel more comfortable. This will only help you when meeting someone new.

Be Polite

This might just be the most important of all.  Rudeness is always remembered, and it’s very hard to come back from that. Make sure that you’re polite, friendly, and make small talk to show that you’re open and approachable. To make a good first impression you need to show an interest and remember your manners.

Make Eye Contact

Now this isn’t easy for everyone. Adults tend to only make eye contact 30-60% of the time, when really that number should be as high as 60-70%. Eye contact demonstrates confidence and attentiveness. If you spend most of your first meeting looking almost anywhere else, then you’re unintentionally implying that you’re uninterested.  

Be Presentable 

We’re always told that we should never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, we have a habit of doing just that – even when perusing the shelves of a bookshop! When you meet someone new it’s important to put some extra effort into your appearanceIf you aren’t sure of how you should dress, then consider the context and location of the meeting. Failing that, smart casual is always a safe choice… leaning slightly towards the ‘smart’ portion of the equation. 

First impressions are hard to undo, so you’ll want to make every effort to make sure it’s a positive one.

Do you have any tips to impress? Share them in the comments below!



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