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Affordable Hotel in Temple Bar Dublin | Review

You might want to consider booking this affordable Hotel in Temple Bar Dublin for your next trip to the City. Contrary to what you might have thought, Temple Bar is not ‘a Bar’. It’s a district in the City of Dublin. And what a lively district.

Arriving at Temple Bar Inn Hotel Dublin

If you arrive on foot at the Temple Bar Inn Hotel, you should definitely know the exact name of the hotel, and also the exact house number, and not like me first run to the hotel on the other side of the street which is conveniently called Temple Bar Hotel. Fortunately, there were some cab drivers in the street and they could help me immediately. The entrance to the affordable hotel in the temple bar area of Dublin is really easy to miss, it consists of a black door with a rather small logo. If you are already at the Tesco supermarket you are already too far, when coming from the direction of Trinity College.

Staying in Dublin overnight

At first glance, the affordable hotel in temple bar dublin’s décor is very modern, and colorful but classy due to many accents and furniture pieces in darker shades and wood. Check-in is very quick and I can already move into the room shortly before noon, although check-in officially starts at noon. I get a short briefing, about the breakfast room and – very importantly – the vending machine for free hot drinks during the stay and go via another elevator to my hotel room. The rooms can be unlocked by plastic card. There already awaited me a large bed, which was comfortable, a desk including a kettle and various utensils, a small refrigerator (without content), a shelf for suitcases, a manually adjustable heater and an open clothes rail with some hangers. The windows of the room could also be opened, however, directly under my window was a gaming arcade, of which I constantly heard the droning of the various machines. With the window closed, however, they could not be heard.
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Affordable Hotel in Temple Bar Dublin

The Three Star Temple Bar Inn Hotel in Dublin’s city center lives up to its name of design and city hotel. The rooms of the independently run affordable hotel in Temple Bar Dublin are spacious and comfortably furnished, and amenities include manually adjustable heating, a flat-screen TV with over 100 channels, or a small refrigerator. There is no real closet, but this did not bother me during a single overnight stay.
The free services of the three-star hotel include free high-speed Internet throughout the hotel, and of course in the rooms, as well as the free use of coffee and tea machines in the entrance area of the hotel. Many seating options invite you to linger or plan tours.
My double room in single occupancy cost €88 and I would stay at the Temple Bar Inn Hotel in Dublin again anytime.

Temple Bar Inn Hotel Dublin
Address: 40-47 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

I stayed at this Hotel in February of 2015, in Room 219

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