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ALL Automobile Museums in Switzerland

Switzerland may not be synonymous with a bustling automotive industry or large-scale car museums, but hidden amidst its picturesque landscapes are some remarkable gems for auto enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’re taking you on a journey to explore ALL Automobile museums in Switzerland.

Discovering Switzerland’s Hidden Automotive Treasures

From the historic Château de Grandson to the impressive Pantheon Basel, these museums offer a unique perspective on the world of automobiles. Take a virtual road trip with us as we visit Esposizione Veicoli d’Epoca, the Fahrzeug-Museum Bäretswil, and many more captivating destinations, each with its own collection of classic and vintage cars.

Whether you’re a seasoned car aficionado or simply curious about Switzerland’s lesser-known automotive history, these museums promise to delight and surprise. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us on this virtual tour of the ALL Automobile museums in Switzerland. Have you ever explored any of these fascinating places?

ALL Automobile Museums in Switzerland

  1. Château de Grandson – Grandson
  2. Esposizione Veicoli d’Epoca – Pregassona near Lugano
  3. Fahrzeug-Museum Bäretswil – Bäretswil
  4. Ferrari Collection – Turning Wheel & Racing Team – St. Gallen
  5. Fondation Hervé, Musée d’automobiles anciennes – Aigle
  6. Historicum – Sargans
  7. autobau – Romanshorn
  8. Historisches Museum Arbon – Arbon
  9. Saurer Museum – Arbon
  10. Monteverdi Automuseum – Binningen
  11. Musée Citroën de Vincent Crescia – Saint-Blaise
  12. Musée de l’automobile de la Fondation Pierre Gianadda – Martigny
  13. Oldtimer-Sammlung Walter – Sulgen
  14. Oldtimermuseum Pietro Agustoni Stabio
  15. Pantheon Basel – Muttenz
  16. Verkehrshaus der Schweiz – Lucerne
Klassikwelt Bodensee 2015 - Cars in Sideview

Photo from my “Cars in Sideview” at Klassikwelt Bodensee Article

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