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Tasting Australia in Adelaide

by european travelblogger Lisa


Tasting Australia is a Food Festival held in Adelaide, South Australia. What are the signature dishes of Australia – Kangaroo, or fish & chips like England too? As I experienced during my short but intense stay, Australia is a fleshy country. On each menu are usually several dishes with beef, pork, poultry, often also sea animals and fish. And for vegetarians or even vegans, there aren’t many offers. A few meat-free dishes are fortunately often found, as at Jamie’s Italy on King Road.

The Tasting Australia Food Festival 2016 took place on the Town Square in Adelaide from May 1st to 8th. The aim was for visitors to learn about the biodiversity of the Australian food, local restaurants and products from the surrounding area. The city square is also known as Victoria Square, since the former is not recognised by Google Maps. During the whole 8 days of the festival, you can taste and inform about local products. Apart from a lot of meat, a product category is particularly important. The South Australian wine. Similar to the South African wine, not to be confused, this lives by high notoriety.

The Tasting Australia in Adelaide on the Town Square is in itself a really nice party. On green lawns with roofed and seating areas, products are presented and sold in different small huts. Unfortunately, the portions, which you could see in the hands of the visitors, were quite small. And especially for prices of mostly over 10 dollars, which was in my eyes simply in no relation. In the immediate vicinity is the Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown, where you can enjoy good meals for less money.

Tasting Australia in Adelaide 2017

Date: April 30 to May 7th 2017
Program: check out the event calendar here
Address: Victoria Square, Grote St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

Town Square Adelaide

Adelaide Tasting Australia Town Square JoyDellaVita

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