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to Baden-Baden from Karlsruhe Airport

If you want to travel to Baden-Baden from Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB), there are a few options available. The Airport serves as a gateway from various European destinations, to this cozy area in south-western Germany and the adjacent Alsace region of France. Baden-Baden is famous for its picturesque Casino, old town and exquisite restaurants, hotels and museums. It’s a city of old money, which is also often flocked by “new money”. Even on a small budget, Baden-Baden is worth a visit! When arriving by plane, read below how to easily get to Baden-Baden from Karlsruhe Airport also known as Baden Airpark.

How to get to Baden-Baden from Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport FKB

Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) is situated outside any city, and roughly 15,5 km from Baden-Baden City Centre. If you don’t want to book a rental car, the other option besides a classic Taxi is taking a Bus. Several Bus lines connect to the Baden-Airpark / Baden-Baden Karlsruhe Airport. But only one runs from Baden-Baden to the Airport. Baden-Baden does not only lure with a charming city, the city also offers a long-distance train stop for both German ICE and French TGV trains (you can travel from Baden-Baden to Paris in just 2.5 hours, but that’s for another blog post!). The bus line you are looking for is 285 and is operated by Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund KVV.

Bus Line 285 by KVV

Timetable from Baden-Airpark, via Hügelsheim and Kartung, to Baden-Baden station and back can be found here: baden-airpark.de/285_ab_12.12.2021.pdf The bus runs regularly from 6 am – shortly before midnight.
If this PDF is not logical for you, just visit bahn.de to look for your (individual) connection: bahn.com/en

To get to Baden-Baden from Karlsruhe Airport, you are looking for the final, or first, stop: Baden-Baden Bahnhof. The price is 3,80 € per ride for adults (Einzelticket), 2,00 € for children.



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