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Sustainability Days 2022 Bolzano – JOIN NOW online – last minute!

Sustainability is more than a current fancy buzzword, it’s a crucial must. Sustainability needs to be accomplished on various levels, by everyone. May it be just you, or a big corporation. Wasting any resource, is draining. Sustainability Days 2022 in Bolzano, South Tyrol, are an international Platform for the Regions of the Future. From September 6th to 9th international renown speakers will present their outlook and current state. The four main focus topics of this years event are:

  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Resilient Rural Habitats

Their Objectives are:

  1. Creating a platform for exchange between politics, science, business, associations and civil society
  2. Making sustainable development accessible to a broad audience, especially the youth
  3. Elaboration of a Recommendation Paper to support future policy decisions within the four focus topics

To read more about the daily program, check out their program schedule here:

How to steam Sustainability Days 2022 Bolzano

To join the Sustainability Days 2022 in Bolzano, you can easily participate in the livestream. It’s free of charge, but you need to sign up to the event website. Visit the ticket shop for your free voucher, create an account using your name, your email and set a password, and get started.
In an email following your account creation you will receive a direct link to the livestream.

To get started asap, check out the ticket Webshop here:

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