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The best Sushi in Hanover – noosou at the train station Hannover Hauptbahnhof

The best sushi in Hanover is fried vegetarian sushi, all super conveniently located on the lower level of Hannover Hauptbahnhof main train station. Unfortunately, fried sushi is much too rare, so the one from noosou Hanover has really established high standards. Even the regular cucumber maki or the fresh summer rolls were more than just delicious! Noosou at the Hanover train station really offers probably the best Sushi in Hanover. Usually, you cannot expect much from restaurants in train stations. In most stations, you will only find bakeries, snack bars and fast-food restaurants, if any at all. But noosou in Hanover is a surprising exception. The Asian Sushi Restaurant is located in the basement of the Hanover train station, near the Lidl supermarket, which is open seven days a week.

My experience / Review: vegetarian fried sushi menu and veggie summer rolls in Hanover train station

You order when entering the restaurant, you get the obligatory note for contact tracing and a pager. Once the food is freshly prepared and ready to be picked up at the counter, the device beeps and you can choose to dine on the spot or take the dishes with you. The offer includes curries, sushi, Asian classics such as fried noodles/rice and Pad Thai, but also soups, salads or just a noodle box with fried noodles to take away. As a vegetarian, I decided for the vegetarian summer rolls with peanut dip (3 €), as well as for the sushi menu M11 with small miso soup (9,90 €).

If you eat neither fish nor meat, you are often left with Kappa Maki (cucumber maki) as the only option. So I was more than surprised by the good selection and quality of the products at noosou in Hanover and was quickly convinced to become a regular at their Restaurant. Since my first deep-fried Sushi in Nuremberg at CôDung, I have always been looking for comparable Sushi. And I definitely found it at noosou in Hanover.

Due to a small delay of my train arriving in Hanover, I had about 50 minutes spare time left until the connecting train left, which was good enough for a relaxed dinner in the early evening. Depending on how much time you have, you should allow at least 10 minutes for the waiting time after the order, including having to order at least 15 minutes. It’s definitely worth the wait.

NOOSOU Hannover Hauptbahnhof
Address: Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade 71, 30159 Hanover, Germany
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 11 am – 9 pm, Sunday 11 am – 8 pm
Website / Menu:

vegetarian summer rolls with peanut dip NOOSOU Hanover train station JoyDellaVita
vegetarian summer rolls with peanut dip
Fried Sushi Roll NOOSOU Hanover Review Blog JoyDellaVita
Fried Sushi Roll NOOSOU Hanover
NOOSOU Hanover train station JoyDellaVita
NOOSOU at Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade Hanover, Germany

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