Website to calculate 15 km radius from your place of residence (measure to contain coronavirus in Germany)


15 km Radius Germany

From now on, people in Germany should only stay within a maximum radius of 15 km from their place of residence. Valid reasons such as the journey to a doctor, or to the workplace, are of course excluded. Nevertheless, one does not always have to exhaust everything just because it is allowed! But how far are 15 kilometres actually? In a big city like Berlin or Munich, many things can be reached within this radius, but in a village or any city? This new “restriction” for everyone in Germany has the valid background, that if there are many infected persons in a certain place, that they stay in one “place”, and do not spread their viruses even further. But, you really don’t have to max anything out and, just hang in there now and meet as few people as possible…

Calculate online the 15 kilometres radius from a city or certain place

Here a Map Radius Calculator is the correct place to start, recommended is the website The Website is in English, and fairly easy to use. Enter your address in the field “enter an address”, preferably the street and the city. If you’re going to research something like that, then do it accurately and not just the name of the city. Then click on the blue button “Search”, and your location should be displayed on the map. Now you can define the radius, for this tap/click once on the button “Radius Button”, and scroll down to the 15 km mark. And the radius around your location will be drawn automatically. And, for more details, you can simply zoom into the edges of the radius circle, and see exactly where the 15-kilometre radius ends for you.

15 km Radius from a City in Germany
15 km Radius from a City in Germany, Böblingen


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