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Breakfast at Lokaal ‘t Loosje near Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city brimming with culinary gems, often surprises you with delightful dining experiences when you least expect them. On a recent morning, while searching for a spontaneous breakfast spot “somewhat near Amsterdam Central Station,” we stumbled upon Lokaal ‘t Loosje. Nestled near the Nieuwmarkt, this charming café beckoned us with its open-air seating bathed in the warm embrace of the morning sun.

A Wholesome Start to the Day

Lokaal ‘t Loosje, open from 8:30 a.m. daily, proved to be an ideal choice for breakfast seekers looking for a simple yet satisfying streetside café experience. The menu offered a straightforward selection, perfect for kickstarting the day. Both my partner and I were drawn to the “ontbijt breakfast I,” priced at a reasonable 9.50€.

The breakfast included a delightful combination of componentsfresh orange juice, a hot coffee or tea of your choice, scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, and toast served with jam and butter. The portion size was absolutely satisfying; it arrived with two whole toasts, thoughtfully cut in half, alongside a generous serving of hot scrambled eggs. The coffee and cappuccino we ordered were rich and invigorating, a perfect complement to the meal.

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Recommended Breakfast near Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam

What truly stood out at Lokaal ‘t Loosje, apart from the delectable fare, was the attentive and efficient service. Despite our leisurely pace, we found ourselves spending just a bit over half an hour at the café. This speaks volumes about the café’s ability to provide a quick yet enjoyable breakfast experience, making it an excellent choice for those with busy schedules or tourists looking to make the most of their Amsterdam exploration.

The streetside ambience added an extra layer of charm to our breakfast. As we sipped our morning beverages and savoured each bite, we couldn’t help but appreciate the picturesque setting. The Nieuwmarkt area, with its bustling energy and historic charm, was the perfect backdrop for our impromptu breakfast adventure.

“ontbijt breakfast I” for 9,50 € with fresh orange juice with a coffee or tea, served with scrambled eggs, ham, cheese and toast with jam and butter
“ontbijt breakfast I” for 9,50 € with fresh orange juice with a coffee or tea, served with scrambled eggs, ham, cheese and toast with jam and butter

Review: Breakfast at Lokaal ‘t Loosje

Lokaal ‘t Loosje is a hidden gem in Amsterdam’s culinary landscape, especially for those seeking a delicious and hassle-free breakfast experience. With its prime location near Nieuwmarkt, this café provides a wholesome start to the day, offering a selection of classic breakfast items executed with care and flavour. The attentive service and quick turnover time make it an excellent choice for those on the go, while the relaxed atmosphere allows for a leisurely breakfast when time permits.
Whether you’re a local in search of a new favourite breakfast spot or a traveller exploring the Nieuwmarkt area, Lokaal ‘t Loosje is a delightful Breakfast Café that should not be missed. It’s a testament to the idea that sometimes the best culinary experiences are the unexpected ones.

Lokaal ‘t Loosje
Address: Nieuwmarkt 32, 1012 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening hours: Sun – Thur,08:30–01:00; Fri & Sat 08:30–03:00
Instagram: @lokaal_t_loosje

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