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Recipe: Agua de Valencia (best with fresh oranges!)

Agua de Valencia is a cult beverage home to the Spanish metropole region of Valencia. Even though you are able to enjoy a Sangria all over Spain, which is typically not served in a plastic bucket, Valencia has its own cocktail creation. An alcoholic but refreshing drink made with local ingredients, what else do you wish for. Back in the 1960’s Agua de Valencia was invented at Café Madrid in the centre of Valencia, but can nowadays be ordered all over the City and especially in the region of Burriana, a big oranges growing area close to Valencia. Typically, the season for fresh oranges is from October until about mid-May, so spring right now is just the perfect season to indulge in this nice and summery drink. Ideally, you mix your own Agua de Valencia in a carafe, with some ice cubes, and enjoy it glass by glass. The instructions are also very simple and easy and within a matter of time, you’ll have a great aperitif alternative.

Ingredients for 1 Liter Agua de Valencia

500 ml Orange Juice, best freshly squeezed
300 ml Cava or Sparkling Wine
100 ml Vodka
100 ml Gin
Ice cubes (alternatively you should keep all the liquids refrigerated prior serving)

Instructions to create the Agua de Valencia Cocktail

Mix together all ingredients in a 1-litre pitcher or carafe. Serve in champagne or martini cocktail glasses.

Agua de Valencia Burriana TORRE GALLÉN Travelblog
Agua de Valencia in Burriana at TORRE GALLÉN
agua de valencia burriana valencia
Agua de Valencia in Burriana made with fresh orange juice

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