Breakfast in Frankfurt at Cafe Karin

"Ginnheim" Breakfast at Cafe Karin Frankfurt

The best breakfast in Frankfurt am Main is served at Cafe Karin. Located in the City Center of Mainhatten, with all the skyscrapers close, this little Café is a pure oasis to start your Day healthy. Their delicious breakfast isn’t only served in the morning hours, it’s served all day, as well as some other smaller dishes.

Even though I’ve already read their menu online, you can find it on their homepage, I just couldn’t decide what to get; everything sounds too good. To have a combination of all the things I like I ordered their “Ginnheim”-Breakfast and a Karlchen. The Cafes speciality is the “Karl” and “Karlchen”. A “Karl” is like a Latte Macchiato, so one Espresso and lots of milk, but with less milk, and a “Karlchen” is a double espresso and again less milk, like the Karl. The Ginnheim Breakfast, named after a district of Frankfurt, costs 6,90€ and besides 0,1 litre Juice of your choice, I had Orange Juice, you get a bun, one slice wholemeal bread, some butter, cream cheese mixed with radish and spring onions, 3 thin slices of Leerdammer cheese and a small portion of Birchermüsli. The Café was about half-full when I visited and it took just a few minutes until everything was served to my table. Even though it’s been some time since I ate it, now that I’m writing this, I’m still dreaming of their breakfast. This actually pretty healthy breakfast at Cafe Karin in Frankfurt has been one of the best and most delicious breakfast I had in a while, I really could eat it every day! … and as soon as I’m back in Frankfurt, I will enjoy the “Ginnheim” again with a “Karlchen”, no matter what time of the day it will be!

Address Cafe Karin Frankfurt

Grosser Hirschgraben 28
60311 Frankfurt/Main
Tel.: (+49)69 / 29 52 17

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 9 am to 7 pm, Sunday and public holidays 10 am to 7 pm

Breakfast at Cafe Karin Frankfurt

"Ginnheim" Breakfast at Cafe Karin Frankfurt
“Ginnheim” Breakfast at Cafe Karin Frankfurt
Orange Juice and "Karlchen" Coffee at Cafe Karin Frankfurt
Orange Juice and “Karlchen” Coffee at Cafe Karin Frankfurt


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