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When you ask a local and he says “You get the best Coffee in Maastricht at Coffelovers” you have to trust them. And so did I, and I tried the Coffeelovers close to my Hotel (Crowne Plaza Maastricht) at Plein 1992. Just a stone’s throw away from the Hoge Brug, in the Céramique area on the eastern bank of the Maas, this Cafe is situated.

According to the company, as written on their homepage, they love people loving coffee and vice versa. But besides coffee creations, they also offer tea as well as cold drinks and sweets. In some of their in total 9 subsidiaries in the Southern Netherlands, they even offer a High Tea Plate or Italian-inspired snacks like Focaccia or Salads. But their main specialty is the coffee creations, and their Oreo Cheesecake as I heard from others that tried it and fell in love with it. The coffee beans they use come from the Maison Blanche Dael, which has been well-known in Maastricht since 1878.

As I, unfortunately, did not have enough time or hunger to try through their menu or to sit down, I simply ordered a small black coffee to go. At first, I considered the 2,25 € for a small coffee at COFFEELOVERS as pretty high but was surprised about the little gift I got with my coffee – a white nougat. I’ve never experienced something similar ever before, have you? But, unfortunately, this simple black coffee tasted not that good, so at least I had some nougat to get away. Anyway, I really want to visit them again and try one of their cakes, flat whites, and high tea plates.

Do you know any other nice places to have a good Cappuccino (and Cake) in Maastricht?

Address COFFEELOVERS PLEIN 1992 in Maastricht

Ruiterij 2

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday – Sunday 9 am to 7 pm

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