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Brunch at Manufactum Stuttgart near main train station

When a Restaurant pays high attention to quality of food, you can taste and feel it. Enjoy an all-day brunch nearby Stuttgart HBF main train station at Manufactum! The department store with several branches all over Germany, usually offers selected home goods, lifestyle accessories and international food and gourmet Eats. In Stuttgart, they also have a bakery with an enclosed Cafe, for hot and cold dishes, for takeaway and to be eaten on-site. To enjoy a quick little Brunch, I opted for their sunny terrace right in front of their store. It’s just one block of houses away from Stuttgart HB main station, yet far away to not notice anything of the hustle and bustle of the station. You might also be interested in my other Stuttgart Restaurant Reviews or Activities in Stuttgart.

Only high-quality foods and drinks

When browsing the Manufactum menu online you soon notice, they pay the highest attention to what they offer. Proposing only the best for their customers, at a certain price of course. For my Cappuccino I paid 4,10€, for the yoghurt with fruit 4,50€. Sounds pretty basic, but everything is sourced from just the best. Also, this quick all-day brunch in Stuttgart felt super Italian. This artisan yoghurt is made by letting the yoghurt thicken in a traditional process, whereby the whey drips off. This gives it its creamy consistency and incomparably intense flavour. This drained farmhouse yoghurt is made by a farmer in Auenhof in Westfalen, Germany. I have rarely tasted such tasty yoghurt, in combination with delicious fresh fruit I could not complain at all about the price.

The milk for the cappuccino consists of local preferential milk at Manufactum Cafes, this kind of milk is considered healthier than pasteurised supermarket kinds of milk. The coffee beans for the cappuccino are sourced from Italy, from a small roastery nearby Pisa. Andrea Trinci uses a wood-fired roasting oven, for a particularly gentle roasting process, using 60% Arabica beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and India and 40% Robusta beans from India, Indonesia and Tanzania.
You can read all about this in their extensive menu online, which can be found here. The menu onsite is a bit smaller and only features the main dishes and drinks.

my Manufactum Stuttgart Brot & Butter Cafe Review

I can wholeheartedly recommend Manufactum Brot & Butter Stuttgart and will definitely be back, for another round of artisan Yoghurt and another cinnamon roll for takeaway. The next time I definitely want to try their tomato soup from Italian San Marzano tomatoes, which are considered one of the tastiest.

Manufactum Stuttgart Brot & Butter
Address: Lautenschlagerstr. 16, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

drained farmhouse yoghurt and Cappuccino in Stuttgart at Manufactum by joydellavita

Manufactum Stuttgart Brot & Butter Address: Lautenschlagerstr. 16, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

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