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Costs to send a Postcard from Switzerland abroad

the price for International postcard stamps in Switzerland

by european travelblogger Lisa


How much does it cost to send a postcard home from Switzerland? All those gloryful mountains, green grass, delicious cheese, sweet chocolates and sweets and this relaxed lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons to send a postcard from Switzerland abroad. Having enjoyed a holiday, or business trip, is more than worth sending a greeting. With too much going on digitally, it’s still such a nice gesture, and memoranda, to send something physical. Full letters might not be a thing for everyone, but a colorful postcard is something everyone will enjoy. May you keep it short and “Greetings from Switzerland! xx” or a quick long description of what you have seen and done so far in the alpinous country. Find here below the prices to send a postcard abroad from Switzerland. From Schweiz to anywhere in this world. With the country being quite expensive on its own with its Swiss Francs, you might wonder about the costs for stamps. This article will get all your thoughts sorted and answered. If not, feel free to leave a comment below this blogpost! Will do my best to get back to you asap.

Costs for postcard stamps in neighboring countries

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Where to buy stamps in Switzerland

The national operator for postage in Switzerland is Die Schweizerische Post, this is also where you buy your stamps for. Not differenciating between letters or postcards. However, you can also send your postage online, by creating letters and postcards digitally, and sending them out via Die Schweizerische Post physically. Find out more here: post.ch/en/sending-letters/sending-letters/send-online

Postcard Stamp Prices in Switzerland

If you want to send a postcard from Switzerland, you will need to buy a corresponding stamp for “Standardbrief (max B5) with max. sizes of 25 x 17,6 cm”. This is the smallest and cheapest possibility, which also works for letters sent in an envelope (max 2 cm thickness and less than 100 g in weight).

Price to send a postcard within Switzerland and Liechtenstein: fast delivery A-Post 1.10 CHF & slower delivered B-Post 90 Rappen (0.9 CHF)

Price to send a postcard from Switzerland to another European Country: 1.80 CHF
(examples for countries in mainland Europe are: Germany, Italy, Albania, Belgium, Great Britain, Monaco, … )

Price to send a postcard from Switzerland to worldwide destinations: 2.30 CHF
(examples for countries in mainland Europe are: United States of America, Venezuela, Australia, India, Iceland, Japan, Oman, … )

Prices as of April 2022

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